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Methods of Reiki and the Law of Attraction Working in Harmony

reiki and law of attraction

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Reiki is a Japanese technique for restoring and centering energy in one’s self, as well as, other people. It was initially presented with its attunements, images and hand positions by Dr. Mikao Usui in the nineteenth century. At last, Reiki made its presentation in the United States in the twentieth century by Hawayo Takata. Hawayo taught Reiki in Hawaii and the continental of the U.S. for years before her passing in 1980. Reiki is an incredible method for healing energies in the sphere of sensation or energy field of the receiver. Reiki can be a powerful tool for aiding someone in clearing away blocks that are restraining them from achieving their dreams and goals.

The Law of Attraction is an universal standard which communicates how we pull in encounters both negative and positive into our lives. This communicate comes by means of our musings, emotions, and movements in ordinary life. As a universal standard, the Law of Attraction works as one with other universal laws. For example, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Abundance and other Hermetic Principles that find root in Ancient Egypt and beyond. Reiki even works as one with the Law of Attraction!

Let’s take a look at couple of methods utilized by Reiki and the Law of Attraction to furnish that important support in our endeavors to make the life we need and should experience.

Method 1: Affirmations

Both the Reiki and Law of Attraction practitioners utilize affirmations as a method for drawing in positive encounters into our lives. Reiki healers regularly record positive affirmations to use daily, as well as, record new affirmations to catalyze change. Reiki healers in their own extraordinary way then raise their connection with healing energies sending the energy of the affirmation.

For those that are not Reiki healer you also can easily raise the energy of your affirmation. First fold your hands in prayer to God placing them over the middle of chest at your heart chakra. Focus on your written affirmation while saying out load three times, “I encounter the endowments of my assertions.” Unfold your hands from your heart and place them on your affirmation. Continue focusing your thoughts on the statement you declared as you send energy to your affirmation. Do this for about ten minutes

Method 2: Visualization

The second method Reiki and the Law of Attraction practitioners both utilize is visualization of your desires. Start your visualization by finding a comfortable seat in a chair or on the floor. Reiki healers write the Power Symbol in their palms to activate the energy in their hands. Law of Attraction practitioners declare “I encounter the power of my visualization”. Continue by covering your mind (head) with one hand while covering your heart (center of chest) with your other hand. Start to picture a positive experience you’d jump at the chance to have. For example, getting a great paying career, making new companions, or driving a new car. See in your brain and feel the bliss in your heart of encountering this astounding desire as if it has already happened. Be sure to spend at least five minutes visualizing your desires. You can spend one minute on each of the five senses. What does your desire feel like? What does your desire look like? What does your desire taste like? What does your desire smell like? What does your desire sound like?

Method 3: Transmitting

The third method Reiki and the Law of Attraction practitioners both utilize in transmitting. Both find immense blessing from transmitting energy to others. Reiki healers are connected to Source/God/Love in a special way that not everyone has developed access to. Reiki healers send this energy to others. This helps strength and build a connection in others to that same energy. Law of Attraction practitioners help bring out the highest good in others. Law of Attraction practitioners always are transmitting attraction energy to others. Law of Attraction practitioners send love to others for attracting a more abundant life. Whether you are a Reiki healer or a Law of Attraction practitioners, when you send adoration and love to other individuals for their lives to be better, the Universe will send that same love to your life.

Reiki and the Law of Attraction go hand in hand. They use the same tools of affirmations, visualization, and transmitting. Utilize these tools to empower your life. If you would like asistants using these tools contact us.

In Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching we often use long distant Reiki and Ruach healing with our clients. We have found this method of energy manipulation to be very effective.

Students who wish to learn Reiki, become attuned and learn Law of Attraction Reiki can contact us at:

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