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Manifesting Beyond Belief

May 19, 20, 21, 2017


Manifest Your Breakthrough


Awaken your unlimited manifesting power in this 3-Day event with Masters of Manifestation Robert & Rachael Zink. Unlock the keys to surpassing your own limitations.

  • Enjoy the loving relationship you desire
  • Live the abundance you deserve
  • Awaken healing within yourself and others


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Manifesting Beyond Belief

May 19, 20, 21, 2017 in Taos N.M.



Manifesting Beyond BeliefNestled in the magical, heart of New Mexico is the beautiful town of Taos. Miracle Mentors Robert & Rachael Zink, would like to personally invite you to the most powerful Law of Attraction event of 2017.

Manifesting Beyond Belief is a 3-day intensive Law of Attraction event. You will awaken powerful, ancient Law of Attraction secrets. Robert and Rachael will teach you a variety of Law of Attraction techniques that will help empower, attune, and awaken your personal power. Clear away old limitations and negative beliefs. Plus when you attend, you will also receive three ancient attunements designed to awaken your energy field and maximize your manifesting powers.

This special event is like nothing you've ever experienced before.

You will literally start manifesting beyond belief!



 Manifesting Beyond Belief is going to be an intimate event with only a limited number of spaces.

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*Please note that this is a limited time offer and that payment on the door will be $497.00

If you have any questions please contact Robert and Rachael on:



Manifesting Beyond Belief 2016 Testimonials

Life changing

I really didn’t know what to expect from Robert and Rachael manifesting beyond belief workshop but what an incredible experience. The energy as we where being trained was electrifying. I learnt the Ruach Healing Method and in the process I have learnt so much about myself. Thank you for such a spiritual weekend. I am looking forward to joining you again next year.

Jane. R
United States, New Jersey

Love of My Life

Life has been just amazing lately. I attracted my something better. He is a good man with a kind heart. We laugh together so much and enjoy each other’s company to the point we wonder if each other are even real.

You helped me tremendously by opening my eyes to all my doubts, fears and limiting beliefs. You empowered me with the notion that there are no failures even when I wanted to doubt it so very much. All those rituals and ceremonies you taught me shifted my energy and vibration to a place where Don could come into my life.

Maura S.

Money Like Magic

The Money Like Magic program paid for itself, I was listening to it in the car, parked, stepped out, and found 20 dollars. I know I am manifesting great abundance. Thanks for starting me on a path to prosperity.

JoAnna M.

I am Manifesting – LOA Works

I just thought I should send you a quick email to make you aware of what’s been going on with me recently, I took part in your manifestation webinar a few weeks back which I absolutely loved. I got so much education from the webinar that was badly needed, I’ve been trying to use the law of attraction for a few years now without really knowing how to do it. Anyway, I started doing what you had taught and within 1 week I received £100 in cash as a gift from a guy I had helped out. This was a massive surprise to me as I wasn’t expecting it. Since then I’ve managed to attract almost £700 inside 1 month. I’m loving the relationship I have with money now. I want to thank you for helping me change my beliefs and mindset and I look forward to receiving lots more. The only thing I haven’t received as of yet is the power of q that I purchased if you could help me with that I would appreciate it.


Sam B.

Forgivness & Love

About a year ago my husband and I had issues with our marriage. To make a long short, I was the one who caused the mess with everything. Lies, cheating and so on. Everything was crumbling and we were on the verge of losing everything. After a weeks after talking to Robert Zink, things started to take a turn again. It was time to stop everything I did before and change me. My husband started coming out of his shell. He sat down with me for an open discussion. We talked about everything; why, how come and so on. I let him know everything from the past to present what was wrong with me, what I felt was wrong with him. He went from a really mad face to a grin. My husband hugged me and said, “I finally understand now.” Our trust started to rebuild again.  A few weeks later, out of nowhere, my husband hugged me and said: “I know this random, but I had time to think about everything. I am a douche for treating you the way I did. We have been together for 8 years and you are all I want” I am a co-creator and thank you, Robert, for the push.


Amazing Man, Amazing Relationship

Hi Robert & Rachael,

I hope this finds you well. I have no doubt it will with your amazing outlook on life.
I’m happy to report I’ve met an amazing man. We’ve been together four months, and it just keeps getting better and better. Robert, you had suggested I write a letter to the man of my dreams and open it after I meet him. I opened the letter last week. It’s shockingly accurate! I read it to him as well. He was blown away.
Happy Manifesting!
Ann J.

The Power of Letting Go and Positive Thinking

Sheena has been working with from last 3 weeks i have seen power of letting go and positive thinking. I am in progress with my manifestations.
I express my gratitude to you and Sheena for being there with me!



I received $3,700!

I want to thank you for another miracle that has happened in my life. I received $3,700!

Here is the photo.

I have been doing what you said and also listening to your hypnosis audio, Miracle Hypnosis Online, “Success Beyond My Imagination”

I also have listened to your video on Attracting Large Sums of Money, How to attract money over night and other
Videos you have on attracting money.

I must say that I had the Deepak Chopra system — the one with Oprah..

Although I did move forward on my novel and did a lot of ground work, I have not finished the other steps to bring my novel
To market – Amazon.

Your positive videos and affirmations are really the first time I have seen so much progress in so little time.

Your videos gave me concrete steps to take, like the card in my wallet saying Gratitude, and the $100 dollar bill.

I was so overwhelmed with grief and anger at all the things that have happened to me since the crash of ’09 ———

Your videos gave me concrete action I could do to change my situation and my life.

Thank you Robert – for this incredible channel and for miracle hypnosis online.

An also Thank You to God, he is my source and the more I connect with God, the source energy, the better things will go for me.

Laura S.

Direct Result from Master Manifesting 2021 Masterclass

Hi Robert and Rachel,

Thank you for all you do. I watch most of your videos for the past 3yrs they have always helped me. I recently attended  winter solstice class the attached pictures are proof.

Back in August, a neighbor made a false call to suicide prevention number which sent “officers” to my house and search my house for drugs and weapons. Part of the process I was forced to go to the hospital to get evaluated.
Before I left the house I knew I left my great grandfather’s cufflinks on the counter. When I came back they were gone. The officers were offended I asked if they seen them. I knew they took them but could not prove it.
For months I have been dealing with Proud Boys harassing me and  anyone that would come to my house.
I admit, I had hatred, I envy for revenge and for me to get my lucky charm back.
See, I felt that the cufflinks brought me luck. They belonged to my great grandfather, my grandmother was separated from him as a teenager. She told my father that she felt her dad through the cufflinks that helped her escape from Auschwitz, come to Canada. Even though I never met her, I always felt close to her.
Tuesday I watched the Zoom call and followed the mediation. I took deep breathes and told my mind I am already lucky, I am already close to anyone I desire past future present and I forgive those who have caused me and my family pain. I have been doing that 3 times a day for the past few days..
Tonight, I came home and the cufflinks along with note were at my front door.

Become a Certified Master of Manifestation


What YOU can expect from Manifesting Beyond Belief

  • Clear Away All Your Limitations
  • Live a Life of Passion and Power
  • Attract the Love You Desire
  • Manifest Large Sums of Money Fast 
  • Advance Your Personal Career 1000%
  • Win Legal Battles Easily and Without Effort
  • Activate You Latten Powers Through DNA Activation
  • Undergo Three Ancient Attunement that will Have You Manifesting Like Magic
  • Free Yourself from Dis-ease
  • Escape Forever From the Chains of Anxiety
  • Experience Astonishing Manifesting Powers within the First 60 Minutes of the Intensive


During this wonderful 3-day intensive you will learn and receive:

  • Beautiful, spiritual surroundings that will stir your imagination and your energies within you
  • Ancient Law of Attraction techniques that will empower your life
  • Three Ancient Attunements designed to open your life to your manifesting powers
  • Manifest Beyond Belief Workbook that covers the entire weekend and more
  • Powerful audio program that is not available anywhere else
  • Connect to Roberts and Rachael's Tribe with online groups after the event

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Bonus 1

You will have the golden key of access to private webinars for 6 months. Only those who attend will have access to these secret teachings.

attract a specific person for loveJoin your fellow manifestors monthly to a private webinar on a topic designed to:

  • Improve Your Health
  • Enhance Your Career
  • Share a Deeper and More Passionate Love Life
  • Increase Financial Abundance
  • Attract Prosperity

You will learn to accelerate and amplify your intentions beyond anything you can imagine. Boost your prayers and “lift” directly to Sacred Source Energy.

Only you as a key holder will have access to this private webinar monthly. This is a $900.00 value yours absolutely FREE because you have attended Manifesting Beyond Belief.

Bonus 2

One full year of membership in our private chat forum called GOLDFIRE specifically designed for serious manifestors and those who want to know the inner secrets to the Law of Attraction.

As a member of GOLDFIRE you will receive personal guidance Plus the ability to connect with other SERIOUS and SUCCESSFUL manifestors all over the world. GoldFire is a $500.00 value, yours absolutely free as an attendee to Manifesting Beyond Belief.


Manifesting Beyond Belief is just the beginning of an incredible journey.




Miracle Mentors Robert & Rachael Zink


Manifesting Beyond Belief will be held at the 



Taos, NM 87571

Phone: 575-758-3502

Reservations Toll Free: 855-846-8267


Please book your stay at the EL MONTE SAGRADO at SPECIAL RATE for the intensive. You will not want to miss any special nightly activities in the pool and lovely courtyard which will only be available if you are staying at the El Monte Sagrado Resort.

Right now, a block of rooms are set aside in the resort system for the Manifesting Beyond Belief for May 19th – May 21st, 2017 with rates ranging depending on the room type.

To receive the group rate, guests must ask to be placed within the “Manifesting” block of rooms, or they can use Group Code 170517MANI online at

Reservation Office hours are:

Mon-Fri 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. 

Sat 9 a.m. - 6 p. m. 

Sun 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Click here or the link below to RESERVE A ROOM AT EL MONTE SAGRADO

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns regarding your rooms reservations.

If you want a roommate for this event that can be arranged by our local event coordinator (see below) or by replying to this email.


You can fly into Sante Fe or Albuquerque. These are the closest airports to Taos, NM. From the airport, you can drive into Taos, NM. There are two shuttles that run if you make reservations ahead of time.

Santa Fe Municipal Airport

121 Aviation Drive 
Santa Fe, NM 87507

About a 1 hour and 40 minutes from Taos, NM

Albuquerque International Sunport Airport

2200 Sunport Blvd.

SE Albuquerque, NM 87106.

About a 2 hours and 30 minutes from Taos, NM


Twin Hearts Shuttle


Taos Ski Valley Airport Shuttle

575-776-2291 X2384


Nyna Matysiak

Owner of OptiMysm Metaphysical Gifts

129 Kit Carson Rd

Taos, NM 87571


If you have any questions please contact us via email ( or leave a message at 1-775-298-5052

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