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Manifesting through Journaling

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So, we all have heard that journaling is a fantastic tool to help us deal with emotions, stay focused, goal-oriented and it even helps the mindset by improving your mood, helping you keep calm and anxiety free and guides you overall. I would even go as far as to say, my journal personally is like my little pocket life coach 🙂

But did you know that manifesting and journaling go hand-in-hand together like macaroni and cheese, cookies and cream or even peanut butter and jelly???

If you have been reading our blog regularly you will know that our mindset is key to manifest what we desire. Breaking down your belief system, understanding limiting beliefs and counter intentions, being clear about what you desire, feeling gratitude for what you desire (act as if) before it has manifested are some of the simple ways to work towards your manifestation. And journaling plays a key role in all of the above.

Now not everyone finds it easy to journal so below I am listing some of my favourite prompts and exercises to help you effectively journal to move you towards your desires.

– Stream of Consciousness –

People have this belief that journaling needs to be organized, poetic and sound clever which is the main reason it deters one from doing so. And that is why I highly recommend Stream of Consciousness journaling where you pour out mind thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas and even ‘bitch’ about whatever is bothering you.

Doing this will help you slowly peal away the layers and help you get more in tune with your feelings, beliefs and the limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. For eg, you could possibly find out that when you are feeling upset and angry, it has to do with you witnessing your parents fighting or the way your friends are treating you.

The most important thing to remember about this method is to not overthink and just let it flow. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just be messy and let it all out. No rules, no structure!

– Scripting –

This is something that I especially do on New Moon Days but you can do this any day you feel like co-creating with the Universe too. The best way to do Scripting is to have fun and lose yourself in it.

I am a STRONG believer that we can literally create our future by speaking it. And on the same train of thought comes writing. Infact, I believe that writing has even more power because you feel it ‘oh so much more’ when you soak into those desired feelings and emotions. It is like manifestation on steroids – you get that call you have been waiting for, that email that tells you that you have got your dream job, the guy you are crushing on starts noticing you and so much more – the possibilities are endless!

How’s of Scripting?

  • Start with thinking about that how you would like to see your future in 6 months or 1 year or more from now
  • Write out what you would be seeing, doing, feeling and experiencing in first person
  • Be specific and let your imagination run wild – do not limit yourself
  • Think of explaining your idea life in one day – ideal morning, who would be with you, what would you do, what would you eat, how would you look, the achievements of the day and your FEELINGS through it all

If you would like more information on Scripting then click here.

– Gratitude –

I genuinely believe that Gratitude creates Abundance and Complaining creates lack.

There is something so beautiful & magical about waking up and ending your night with gratitude. So right before you turn off the lights, take some quiet time and spac, and list down in your gratitude journal all the things/people/life situations that you are grateful for. This could be as small as a lovely cup of coffee to getting a promotion, a friend showing you love, or just being alive and being able to bring your absolute best to the world.

While putting the pen to paper, your brain has no choice but to consciously think about the words you are writing without other distracting, ungrateful thoughts. And Gratitude helps you manifest oh so quickly cause your vibe is way, way, way high.

The key thing about journaling is to let the creative within you, shine. Make your journals a source of bringing alive the ‘act as if’ to manifest. Feel it in every cell of your body while writing, even close your eyes and visualize it, if you feel that wave of energy coming through.

Happy Manifesting!

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