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Manifesting Miracles with Water

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Water is one of the key elements of life and without it life itself would be impossible. All living organisms are composed mostly of water, so is a human being and about 70% of our body mass is water. Moreover, about 70% of the planet Earth is covered by oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, glaciers and other forms of water. Water is life and not only it is life, but it is alive. It has consciousness.

We owe this wisdom to a Japanese scientist and healer Dr. Emoto who has dedicated his whole life to conducting an extensive and relevant research that not only proved that water has consciousness, but that it is receptive and absorbs energy. If we learn how to connect and communicate with it on a deeper level, it can help us become the vibrational frequency of the things that we desire and therefore manifest them in our physical reality.

What is the secret of manifesting with water?

Water itself is neutral, but it absorbs and takes on our emotions, our feelings, our intentions and our consciousness. What Dr. Emoto did is that he subjected water to various types of words uttered by a group of people, intentions both positive and negative and different types of music. Then he froze the water, sliced the frozen pieces and inspected them under a microscope. The results were astonishing.

Positive words, beautiful words like love, joy, happiness and classical music created beautiful water crystals and structured patterns whereas negativity, words related to hate, shame, destruction but also hard rock and heavy metal music created disrupted patterns and structures. This has proved that water is receptive and takes on the energy and vibration from its environment.

Water as a manifesting tool and how to use it.

 You can use water for manifesting in 2 different ways, on 2 different levels.

By drinking it. We drink water every day, or at least we should be, so you can easily make manifesting with water a powerful part of your daily routine. What you need to do is to infuse your water before drinking it with your intention, with your dreams, with gratitude for your wish fulfilled, with your most sincere prayer, with the purest vibration of unconditional love.

Since water has consciousness, it has a memory and through the power of your intention and vibration you can imprint it so that now it will be carrying the vibration and energy of your intention. When you drink this infused water, it will start changing your body on a cellular level and your energy field will change as well. You will be literally vibrating the frequency of your intention. You will be manifesting from the inside out.

By saying positive affirmations and statements to yourself. We hear all the time how self-talk is important and what a significant impact it can have on us. We have between 60’000 and 80’000 thoughts a day. Most of them fortunately or not (depending on what you think) are the same as the day before.  Our thoughts affect our conscious and subconscious mind, but not only. Let’s go back to the fact that 70% of our bodies is water. I bet many of you are now having that “AHA moment” in your mind. So yes, the water in our bodies is no different from the one that was used for the experiments…Watch your self-talk and only say encouraging, empowering and loving things to yourself. And just imagine how powerful your vibration and your energy field can become when the water of your body will be vibrating gratitude, love and worthiness. You will become a powerful miracle magnet.

One of the ways to infuse your water with intention. Take a glass or a jar (made from glass) and fill it with water. Set an intention in your mind.  It can be anything and everything whether it is a new car, a job opportunity, a happy and healthy relationship, or something as small as a good and productive day. Take the glass or the jar into your hands and state your intention clearly (e.g. I am manifesting a healthy and happy relationship, thank you for my soulmate, I am grateful for this beautiful day that will bring me new opportunities, I am so happy about my new car, etc.). You can talk, you can sing, you can whisper, but whatever you do, it has to come from your heart. Let your heart radiate peace, love and gratitude and let your mind hold a vision of your desired outcome. Ideally, when you speak, your breath should touch the water and so should the vibration of your voice. Meditate on it for as long as it seems right and necessary for you. At the end add a hearty “I love you”.

Your water is ready; it is infused with your intention and love. And then just drink your special water, mindfully, with grace and gratitude. Today and every day. I am sure it won’t be long before manifestations and miracles will start flowing like water into your life.

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