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Manifesting is not only feeling and assuming your wish fulfilled, manifesting is b e c o m i n g

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

So here you are determined to manifest the most beautiful and compelling life that you have always desired. Motivated, fired up and inspired. You have arduously studied the law of vibration and the law of attraction. You have watched numerous videos on YouTube, read dozens of books and listened to endless number of podcasts. You feel ready. You start doing your affirmations, daily visualization and maybe even meditations; you passionately script or do other manifesting rituals.  You do everything by the books yet…one month passes and then three, and then six and none of your wishes and desires seem to come into fruition.

‘How come?’ you ask yourself; I did everything right?! I did the work, I believed, and most importantly I felt and lived the end result.

Make no mistake – visualization is very important and so is the feeling of you living the end result, because it imprints your subconscious mind which is a bridge and a connecting link to the Universe, to God or Divinity. But that is not enough.

If after doing your affirmations or whatever work you do, you close the doors and go back to your old self and continue living your life as the old self, your dreams and goals cannot manifest. That is because your old self is either full of fears and/or limiting beliefs, is overwhelmed with negative thoughts and negative emotions, pessimism, lives in a victim mentality and is possessed by its untethered ego…All these lower vibrations choke the beautiful energy that you generated by doing the work.

The Universe is like a big mirror. It reflects outside of you that which you have inside of you. Therefore, in order to manifest your desires, you have to go through a rebirth process. Everything that is present in your life today is not random. You have created it. So, if the old you did not give you the world you wanted, then you are going to have to create a new you. You cannot manifest a new world operating from your old consciousness.

The most important question that you need to ask yourself is “what do I need to become in order to manifest what I desire?” Do I need to work on my limiting beliefs? Do I need to work on controlling my emotions, letting go of my past, because it is keeping me trapped in the old emotions and pain? Do I need to exercise more? Eat healthier? Do I need to become more proactive? Do I need to cultivate self-love, self-respect and self-esteem? Do I need to step out of my comfort zone and get rid of the habits that are no longer serving me? What level of consciousness am I operating from?

Now here is a cherry on the cake. Affirmations which are one of the most potent and powerful tools of manifestation are about that becoming about that transformation. They begin with the words “I AM” and even if you are not or you do not feel first whatever that you are asserting sooner or later you will b e c o m e it. And by becoming what you desire you invite it into your life.

What is that you are trying to manifest, and you are not succeeding?

If it is money, I invite you to ask yourself whether you do not have a scarcity mindset, whether you are not involved in love-hate or shameful relationship with money, whether you do not look down on rich people, might possess some limiting beliefs about money; and most importantly whether you respect money and love their energy.

If you are manifesting a relationship, questions to ask yourself would be – do I love myself? Do I radiate love? Is there anything from my past that could be holding me back (pain, beliefs, do I need to forgive somebody)? Is there space for another person in my life or am I too rigid in some ways? If I want a person who has certain qualities (hard working, committed, polite, respectful, adventurous, passionate about life, intelligent and educated) am I myself all these things that I am looking for? If no, make adjustments 😉

If you are manifesting health ask yourself – do I eat well? Is my diet healthy? Do I spend time in fresh air, have a balanced lifestyle (sleep, work, rest)? Do I make choices that enable my health to get better? Am I active and do I exercise to my ability? Do I stress over the things I should not, do I believe and see myself in my mind as a healthy person?

Manifesting your dream job or a business opportunity. Do I believe I have enough skills and resources? Do I feel confident and ready to take action? Is there something that I could improve while I am manifesting this opportunity? Do I have the right mindset? Do I open doors for opportunity? Am I mindful enough to spot one when it comes up? Do I take steps and/or inspired action when it is time to act? Do I have a clear vision of what I want?

Change takes time, but you have to intentionally start your inner transformation, your inner becoming so that you can truly become what you are trying to manifest inside of you first, and then watch it to be beautifully mirrored on your outside.

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