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Manifesting and its 5 Big Don’ts

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Manifesting is a superpower that we all have. We are born manifestors and we are manifesting all the time whether we are aware of it or not, whether it is intentional or not. Because we are analytical beings, our minds are constantly studying, interpreting, sieving and analyzing our current reality. This is the cause of us unintentionally manifesting more of what we already have whether it is wanted or not. Because the collective consciousness awakening is taking place, more and more people become aware of intentional manifesting.

As it implies, intentional manifesting is a deliberate and conscious process of creating the reality that we desire by shifting our dominant thought patterns, and therefore raising our vibration in order to create the outcome that we want. So how do we create and what are the big don’ts of manifesting?


Everything in this world and in this Universe is energy. Everything material and non-material is energy. The subatomic particles that make up our being are all in constant state of vibration, as is everything in the Universe. When you are in beautiful and elevated emotional state such as love, gratitude, compassion, joy, happiness, your subatomic particles are vibrating at high speeds. That is why in manifesting we talk about “high vibration” and also “raising your vibration”. When you are down, in pain, suffering, when you feel resentment, anger, jealousy and thinking destructive thoughts your vibration drastically slows down, it lowers in frequency.

We are energetic beings, and we constantly emit or broadcast a vibration that can be picked up by other people, animals, things and of course the Universe. “You attract (The Law of Attraction) what you vibrate (The Law of Vibration)”. You will only attract your desire when you become a vibrational match to that which you want to manifest in your life. I presume that your dreams, goals and aspirations all vibrate at a high speed, they soar with the eagles. So therefore, in manifesting in it is crucial to learn to be in a high vibrational state, to cultivate it and learn how to sustain it.

The 5 don’ts of manifesting

*Don’t try to change the outcome without changing yourself

As Albert Einstein so wisely expressed once “You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that has created it”. Everything that is present in your life today is not random. You have created it. Therefore, manifesting is a rebirth process. It takes a lot of giving up, it is shedding layers, limiting beliefs, behavior patterns, and habits that no longer serve you. If the old You did not give you the world you wanted, then you are going to have to create a New You. However, a lot of people want to change their environment without changing themselves, but it doesn’t work that way. There is no world around you, there is only a world within you. So, change the world within you, and you will change what you create.

*Don’t expect exactly what you want – always leave room for something better

A lot of people will not like hearing that and I am well aware of it. When we set out to manifest, we tend to think we know better. And this can create a lot of resistance. You need to trust the Universe. It knows better. When you only want this or that, this is not your soul speaking, this is your ego.

The Universe is this invisible field of infinite intelligence and love that like a giant web connects everything tangible and not tangible. At any time and every moment, it is connected to everything and anything that exists, all the vibrations, all the planes, past, present and the future…Do you still think you know better?

You will have times when you attract exactly what you want. But manifesting in its highest form is not getting what we think we want but receiving and creating the highest good possible. Let’s stay open to that! Let’s always leave room for something better.

*Don’t leave your vibration unattended

We are manifesting all the time remember? So, it is not about you being zen when you do your meditations, scripting, manifesting rituals or any other spiritual practices. If you feel blissful and elevated during your meditation, but then after you go to take out trash and start yelling at your neighbors because they left their car in front on your garage and blocked the entrance, then it won’t work. You have to work with yourself and train to be mindful, train to be unconditional, train to be compassionate and operate from higher vibrations during the rest of your day. You have to eliminate these lower vibrations from your mind and heart. Replace judgement with support and care, replace anger with acceptance, greed with generosity, doubts with trust, procrastination with proactiveness, egoism with selflessness…Make it part of your life, and your values, and your philosophy.

Your vibration will fluctuate, and it is ok, but don’t leave it completely unattended and don’t leave it to the mercy of your environment. Instead, when you feel that you are vibrating low (your feelings will be your indicator) use one of the numerous ways to raise it.

*Don’t try to control your manifesting process

Letting go is what a lot of people struggle with. And there is a lot of misconception around it. Letting go does not mean that you no longer desire it or that you give it up. Letting go means giving up the how’s and the when’s. What we have to give up is control and speculations about our manifestation. Almost always we want things to happen on a particular timeline, in a particular way.

I hear way too often conversations like “so how is it going, have you manifested anything yet?” “I have been meditating for 3 weeks now, but no results, nothing has happened”. And that is so inaccurate the least to say. Physical world is the last phase and the last world of manifestation. And the “absence of evidence is not an evidence of absence (Carl Sagan)”.

If you have difficulties to let go it is a clear indicator that you operate from the state of lack and need. That is why you grip and latch on it so tight. It might also be that for some reason (limiting belief for example) you do not trust the Universe. Or that you simply fell back into your ego’s need to control. So instead of streaming your energies to how and why questions, use that energy to do some beautiful work that will help to shift your state of consciousness and your state of being. A state where you can surrender the outcome and manifesting process to a higher force.

*Don’t just sit there and wait

Take inspired action. There is no attraction without action, remember? And that is a big one. Daydreaming, visualizing and meditating is a big and important part of manifesting, but it is not enough. Sending out your CV, trying to arrange that business meeting, making that call, taking that trip, asking your crush out on a date, joining that course or whatever it is in your situation.

Many times, an inspired action is only a steppingstone that will later lead to something else, that in its turn will lead to a realization of your dream.

Another form of action is making sure that you don’t miss the chances that the Universe is sending your way. So, if opportunity knocks on your door make sure you answer it!

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