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How To Manifest A Perfect Relationship

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

My heartfelt wish for every one of You, my dear reader, is that you were in a loving and fulfilled relationship. But if you are reading these lines, chances are that some things are missing in your relationship, for some of you – even the person and the relationship itself. 

As a manifestor and a co-creator You know that you can consciously create and attract the relationship that you desire despite your previous experiences. Let go of your past and let’s focus on the present moment, because that is where the magic and all the miracles happen.


Before we dive into how to manifest a beautiful relationship (whether you wish to improve your current relationship or manifest a new one) a few words on what a perfect relationship is. We cannot reach a destination if we don’t know where we are headed. 

According to ancient Greeks there are 3 basic types of love: Agape, Eros and Philia. Every good and complete relationship must entail all those 3 components. 

Agape is the divine, Universal unconditional love. It is not the “I love you if” love, but pure and highest form of love that takes us to our home state, the state we were born. So that is you possibly not liking or approving what your partner is saying or doing, but still consciously making a choice to love that person unconditionally as a spirit, soul and person. 

Eros is the passionate love that is ignited when two people fall in love with each other. You do not want to be engulfed by it, but it is important to maintain a certain amount of eros throughout the time in order to beautifully balance your relationship. 

The last one is Filia or friendship and this part is equally important, maybe even the most important one because in a relationship most of the time you will be in the friendship zone; you won’t be making love nonstop or connecting soul to soul or spirit to spirit. Make sure you choose someone you feel at ease, have fun with and who is a good teammate.

Strive to create a beautiful balance of these 3 components not neglecting any of them. 

The secret to manifesting a perfect relationship doesn’t begin with someone else, it begins with you. Manifesting is always a rebirth process to me. It is the process of becoming. Becoming that, which you desire to attract to your life. If the old you did not give you the world you wanted, then you are going to have to create a new you; you cannot stay in your old consciousness and create something new. 

Your relationship with you is the most important relationship that you will ever have, because it dictates how you relate to other people and what you attract to your life. Do you feel worthy? Can you sincerely state “I AM enough”? Do you love yourself? What about self-respect and self-esteem? Another person is you pushed out, so he or she will always mirror what you consciously or subconsciously carry in you. And if you feel that there is some work to be done, you should really start here because it will then become the foundation to a beautiful and loving relationship that you are about to create. 

What does your perfect relationship look like? Is it passionate? Adventurous? Committed? Respectful? Caring? Resourceful? Feels secure? Helps your financial stability?

Define what a perfect relationship means for you. Relationship or marriage is just a container, but what do you want in that box? Help the Universe by creating a clear intention.

Call to action

There are many rituals, tools and practices available. They do not have to be complex. Choose the ones that resonate with you and feel good for you. The most important part in any energetic work will always remain your intention and the state from which you are manifesting; always manifest from abundance.  The higher the vibration, the more magnetic and irresistible you will become to either your current partner or possible lover. 

Meditations – take time out of your day to connect with the Universe, your higher self, the divine part in you and visualize your perfect partner and your perfect relationship; most importantly emotionalize what you are visualizing. True and sincere feelings of you already being in that happy and loving relationship will alter your vibration and you will become a true love magnet.

Affirmations – create powerful and beautiful affirmations that will help to attract your perfect partner. Start your affirmations with the words “I AM manifesting”, “I AM in a loving, caring and …relationship”, “I AM enjoying …”, “I AM so happy/grateful for my amazing relationship”, “I deserve a loving, committed … partner”. Use here the work you did before in defining what kind of relationship you wish. 

Incantations – talk and give orders to your subconscious mind to attract the perfect relationship for you, request your subconscious mind to reunite you with your lovemate, ask your higher self for guidance, ask universe for signs and guidance. 

Images – imprint your subconscious mind through images – do a vision board or a mind movie where you use pictures of happy couples in love, smiling, holding hands, having adventures, hugging, getting married. Assert for a while (7 or 10days) on a regular basis that this is flowing to your life and when you anchor this in your subconscious mind every time you will see it, your subconscious mind will continue manifesting automatically for you.

Feeling is the secret as Neville Goddard said. Even if you are manifesting a specific person, focus more on your feelings and less on the person. What does that person help you feel? How does hugging, kissing or holding that person in your arms feel? How does your life feel when that person is present? 

Don’t focus on what you don’t have. We as human beings have a gift to create our feelings through thoughts, visualization, affirmations, images. And the feeling is something that you can have right now, this moment. The more you have that feeling the more magnetic you will become. 

And for the end – true and fulfilling love is always interdependent. It is not dependent or independent, it is interdependent. It means: I love you and I am willing to be in a deep committed relationship with you, but I love myself so much that I am not going to sell out who I am. I know that I am not a street rock, I am a diamond. If you do not see my worth, somebody else will. I will never chase you, but allow that perfect person to come into my life by being the most beautiful version of myself and who I truly am. And now I will be coming to meet you and you will be coming to meet me. NAMASTE.

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