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Manifesting A Relationship: How To Become the Vibration of Love

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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction
Manifesting A Relationship: How To Become the Vibration of Love Are you tired of trying so hard to manifest a loving relationship or a specific person? Are you getting fed up and constantly find yourself comparing your love life to all the happy couples around you? Do you question if the Universe heard your desires and intentions? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it’s time to change it all! The information below will transform your outlook on how to attract love and shift your energy to be open to love. Eyes on the prize Your consistent thoughts send energy to that reality, and that’s what begins to manifest. Your thoughts and words hold so much power, so if you’re unhappy with the current results, take another look at your text messages and internal dialogues. So, address your limiting beliefs, fears and doubts, and shift to more resourceful and helpful thoughts/affirmations. What you think about, you will bring about. Stop thinking about how you don’t have love and start thinking about how you are the perfect lover. Self-Diagnosis The easiest way to ‘self-diagnose’ your limiting beliefs is to take a look at the patterns that keep showing up. For example, if people constantly leave you it shows that you fear being abandoned probably due to a past experience. Discover those patterns and write them down. After writing down all those limiting beliefs and negative thoughts or doubts/fears, write next to each belief a positive affirmation and make this your new inner dialog. So, let’s say one of your belief is that “Every man that came into my life was trash” change it to “Every man that I choose to attract into my life lives up to my standards!” Change your story and stick to it. Forget ‘Fake it Till You Make it” The Secret explained that to manifest something you have to ‘Act as If’ and a lot of people say it doesn’t feel natural to them, because it isn’t real. Truth is you don’t have to FAKE it till you MAKE it, because we live in a world where infinite realities exist. Everything that we want ALREADY exists. It’s just about attracting that reality, so all you have to do is understand is that everything is energy and you just have to tap into the vibration of love and STAY in the knowing that it’s already here. Ask yourself “If I already have what I want, how would I act/be?” Start living in that energy and cultivating those behaviors and attitudes in your daily life. You Attract What You ARE, Not What You WANT You need to become what you desire to attract in a partner. What do you want out of a relationship or a partner? What qualities are crucial to a successful relationship in your ideal world? Become that person and you’ll attract more of these people. People like to hang out with people that are like themselves. If you like to eat donuts and watch tv, that is who you will attract. If you like to run and do outdoor sports, that is who you will attract. Living In The End What does your ‘happily ever after’ look like to you? If you’re attracting a specific person, you have to focus and live in the END not in the MIDDLE. If living in the end like moving in together or getting married seems out of reach, then take baby steps that take you to that final stage. You can do that through visualizing every night till you fall asleep or by scripting, or both! Tap into those feelings, thoughts and every detail as much as you possibly can. Make space in your bed and closet for your lover to move in. Invest SO MUCH in self-love No matter where you end up in life and no matter who you end up with, you are spending the rest of your life with YOURSELF! It is absolutely important to love yourself and put yourself on a pedestal NOT anyone else. By ‘pedestal’ I mean looking at yourself and your partner as a 10 out of 10. Imagine being in a relationship with someone who views you as a 10 out of 10 and views themselves as a 4/10. This is a relationship that falls into a trap of being unattractive and desperate. Get out of the desperation and put yourself on that pedestal. YOU’RE THE CATCH, not them. Write down every single day at least 5 things you love about yourself or even write it in a letter to yourself. That’s how you begin to tap into the vibration of love and get someone to chase you. Identify ‘Love’ What is ‘love’ for you? Most of the time we end up in a relationship with someone who is a mirror of the environment we grew up in. The first relationships of your life begin the day you come into this world. Your household/parents’ environment established deep-rooted beliefs about love and relationships. So, ask yourself how is love represented at home? That’s how you dig deep and understand why your relationships are the way they are. This includes the positive, negative, and neutral aspects of love. Thank The Universe For Already Having It Energetically thank the Universe and your specific person for that energetic phone call you received. Really express your gratitude for that and the beautiful relationship you are creating. Believe that you are is a soulmate to another. Write down on a sheet of paper or simply repeat the following words: “My heart is open and I’m ready to receive love.” Daily and Nightly Affirmations Just like doing a diet daily, your mental diet daily matters too. You feed your brain food with your affirmations and self-talk. You won’t get healthy by having a carrot, you have to constantly implement these healthy mental habits and changes for a healthy change. Your subconscious mind stores all that self-image food and that’s how your desires begin to manifest. Let it Go What does it mean to ‘let it go?’ Your specific person is probably on your mind most of the day and that’s okay. Letting go is to DROP the attachment to that desire and the need to have it, because you know it’s coming. You don’t go ask the waiter for your meal every 2 minutes – you simply place your order and let it come to your table. The  Universe is ready to bring you this or something better.   Love is TOO EASY to attract!

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  1. Hi Guys, really good read you are my favourites to make the law of attraction exiting news and not something that is impossible to achieve for most people
    Totally hits home to me
    Thank you ❤️

  2. I find your podcasts really motivating & uplifting. Sometimes when I feel that my manifestation is not coming, you provide tips on to be patient & let go. Thanks

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