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Manifesting 2021 as the MOST FABULOUS YEAR YET!

“Now, as we close one chapter, the pen is gradually inking up, preparing itself to write the next.” – Mie Hansson

 I do believe that every single day brings with it an opportunity for a fresh start, to make those changes/improvements to manifest the best version of you. However, there are certain dates that enhance the perfect time for ‘renewal’ and ‘vision creation’. Moon cycles, the beginning of spring season and new years are a few.

There is something so special about a New Year because it marks a physical closing of a particular chapter in our lives. This is the time of the year when we reflect on the past year and start planning the next year, hoping that the next year will be bigger, better and brighter in every way.

Well this year, let us deliberately, on purpose, not just hoping the date change brings about a divine miracle, co-create with the Universe the most, best and awesome-st successful, happy and fabulous year you have ever lived yet.

Let’s explore my Top 10 simple, easy-to-do but IMPACTFUL ways to make 2021 THE year:


When you make a long list of resolutions you leave absolutely no room for alteration or change of heart in life’s path for us. There is no space for curveballs from the Universe to help you better yourself. We put all these deadlines, and they pressure us and make us feel like a failure when we can’t meet them.

So instead of resolutions, how about you write ‘love letters to yourself’ so it is softer, easier and more focused on self-love. Make the New Year about writing lots of little love letters to yourself, choosing to focus on how you can welcome fabulousness into your life and work, towards becoming your best self.

Set yourself weekly/monthly intentions, wish lists and think happy thoughts.


Gratitude is the KEY emotion when manifesting. Moreover, it is the only emotion that when you feel, you can feel no other emotion. So it is an instant pick-me-up.

To capitalize on this emotion, find a nice, tall glass jar, get some colourful post its and pens. Create a habit where every day or atleast every week you write down something you are grateful for, or something that made you smile or feel loved, and put it inside the jar! This will be a wonderful reminder of all the amazing things in your life, which you can open up and read whenever you feeling a bit low or sad…And it looks pretty!


Happiness is a choice, it is not an innate emotion that exists within us. The richest person can be unhappy and someone who might not seem like he has much can be happy. Look at your life, count your blessings and choose happiness on a daily basis.

Don’t wait to be happy, choose it! Make a point of doing atleast one thing every single day that makes you happy, whether it is writing, singing, running or anything else. Create your happiness and then share your happiness with those around you – friends, family, partner, colleagues  or whoever crosses your path that day.

Happiness is contagious, and sharing becomes compassion.


Always remember, everything is neutral in life, it is the perspective with which we look at things which makes it right/wrong or negative/ positive.

In life and business if you judge something that has happened as ‘wrong’ then you have lost the ability to learn from it and you have been separated from it. Just because something didn’t work out the way you expected or hoped doesn’t mean that it was a lost or a wasted opportunity. There is always something good coming out of everything that happens. It’s a universal law and if you judge this as not so, you lose the ability to experience good and thwart all your manifestation efforts.


Give yourself space to create your dreams in real in 2021. Create a dream board or if you enjoy traveling like me, then buy a map of the world and pin it somewhere you see regularly so you see it every morning when you wake up and just before you fall asleep.

Use colors, pictures, photos, stickers—make it sparkle and come alive! By writing your dreams down, you are putting them out there and inviting the universe to take notice and start helping you on your fabulous journey!

Remember, YOU have the power to live the life you LOVE. Manifest, manifest, manifest!


In order to unleash the power of the Law of Attraction, there is a Law of Action that needs to come into place. And without it, no matter how much time and effort you put into visualizing your success, all you’ll ever be is a person with a dream.

That’s right – once you have done the important inner work necessary to get clear on what you really want in life, you have to take ACTION – and take all of the steps required to make your vision a reality. Develop a plan that feels ‘good’ to your heart and soul and take step towards it every single day. Moreover set weekly, monthly and if required, quarterly check-in’s to stay on track.


There is nothing as freeing as letting go. How will you fill yourself with happiness and joy when you are constantly weighed down by the junk and negativity of the past? To be open to new experiences in life, you need to make space for them! I am talking physical, mental and spiritual.

Spend the first day of every quarter going through all your stuff (clothes, books, equipment, accessories etc) and Kondo Marie your physical space.

For mental and spiritual clearing, try this: imagine holding one negative thought, self-judgment, or whatever is holding you back, in your fist. Visualize standing on a bridge with a river running freely beneath you, the water rushing away into the distance. Open your hand over the edge of the bridge and release that negative energy. Watch it float away. Breathe. Smile. You are free!


As you are focusing more on creating happiness, feeling gratitude, letting go of everything that no longer serves you and writing down your bucket list, you are now creating space within. When you start meditating, you welcome stillness, peace, serenity, calmness and positivity to fill that space.

Meditating gets you closer to your higher authentic self, you understand your desires, your limitation and beliefs and slowly move towards a direction that takes your from existing to truly living your best life.


The Universe loves a stubborn heart. Moreover, if you truly desire something, then your belief system needs to be so strong that no matter who, what or where you do not change your intention or goal. Stay focused!

If things appear to be adverse or slow in manifesting, as in everything is an uphill struggle then look at where the missing link could be. Are you too attached to the outcome? Are you not taking enough action? Do you believe that you are worthy of your goals? Are you the person who is ready for his/her desire to manifest?

Be objective and truly evaluate the situation for what it is, but do not give up.


Do you withhold feelings of happiness from yourself until you achieve what you want? This is very common. It’s also completely backward!

It doesn’t matter how many vision boards you make or affirmations you say. Ultimately, it’s all about your energy.  We’re all beings of energy. When our energy vibrates at a low level, we attract low-level circumstances. But when our energy is in a high vibration, we attract positive outcomes – all the awesome things in life like money, love and abundance of all kinds.

If you’re torturing yourself for not manifesting your desires or not having figured every last thing out, you’re missing the point.

It’s hard to manifest your way into something that makes you really happy when your energy isn’t happy. You’re forever reaping the rewards of your own energetic output. So where is your energy going? If you’re feeling pressured, anxious or stressed because of your manifestation goals, you’ve already lost the game! Focus on feeling good, having fun, letting go and you’ll always be in a magnetic state.


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