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Making Your Neuro Linguistic Alchemy Magic Much More Effective

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The Neuro Linguistic Alchemy system provides many powerful tools for manifesting the reality that you want. The personal magic provides tools that are both effective in developing both your spiritual and material universe. In truth, there are no differences between the two; there really is no such thing as a pure material act, as the material is simply an expression on a vibrational level of the spiritual. The Qabalistic saying of “Kether is in Malkuth and Malkuth is in Kether” is an axiom that has a far deeper meaning than appearance might lead us to believe. The reality is, how we act, think and behave in Malkuth will determine our reality in every other mental, emotional, physical and financial state on and in our personal tree of life. We cannot affect that which is below without affecting that which is above and vice versa. That which we invoke in the microcosm is the reality we will eventually see in the macrocosm.

Our microcosmic universe is much like a spider web; we sit in the center as the spider; however, any tug, movement or vibrational action of any nature will affect the entire web. The importance of guarding your thoughts, actions and ideas is essential to having a productive web.


“Believe thyself there and thou art there.” – S.L. Mac Gregor Mathers


Many people, including adepts, often believe this important quote from MacGregor Mathers was about astral projection or skrying in the spirit vision only. Yes, it is about developing an inner dynamic certainty as it relates to skrying or traveling in the spirit vision, but it goes much deeper than this. Mathers was also talking about an internal state of reality. He is referring to the “as if” state that occurs after a serious magical act has been invoked. The alchemical power of any magical act is the new thoughts and actions taken by the student of personal development involved in personal magical work. To put it bluntly, we cannot expect the force and power of our magic to express itself in the universe as a change in reality if we are still invoking the same tired thoughts.


“Rise up and walk.” – Jesus


In the biblical expression of healing, Jesus tells the cripple to pick up his board, and ” rise up and walk.” Now imagine for a moment that Jesus had healed this poor person and then tied him back to the board and had him hauled away. The probability that this person would receive the kind of life changing empowerment would diminish the longer he remained tied to the board. When you perform a magical act, you need to ask yourself, “Am I still tied to the board, or am I acting as if my reality has changed?”

It is essential that when you perform a magical act or personal transformation, you act “as if” it were already a reality. In truth, on one level it already is a reality, but within the world of fears and anxieties you may be providing power to the contrary force. It becomes like a positive thinker who after spending the entire night invoking prosperity in his mind, rests for a time afterwards, and then on rising runs to the mailbox to check his results. After seeing the pile of bills, his mental connection to his personal matrix of money has dissolved, and through the invocation of a more powerful force called fear, he is now invoking the opposite energy into his reality. His positive thinking is positive he is broke! His prosperity work did not even have the opportunity to grow by means of his follow-up actions.

The perceptional problem is that we live in a world where seeing is believing; however, as practitioners of the Magic of Light, we must shift our paradigm into the world where believing is seeing. When our outer actions begin to act in tandem with our inner magic, then our reality will shift and ” that which is above will be like that which is below.” To put it another way, act “as if” the magic that you have planted has already provided the fruit you hunger for. Set the table, invite company over for the feast, plan your life with the certainty of your magical act, for to do any less is to leave a crack of doubt or despair in your circle of reality and the result will often be more of the same, rather than the magical change you seek.

“The problem is not the problem, it is the perception of the problem, and the solution is always found in the action.”

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