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Each one of these products has been carefully created using ancient wisdom and modern success sciences. These Law of Attraction products will empower specific areas of your life and bring permanent transformation to your situation. Be sure to view the details on these amazing attraction tools.

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Books By Robert & Rachael Zink

Empower your life will these amazing books written by: Robert & Rachael Zink.


Rachael & I do not endorse playing the lottery even though we have mentored a Million Dollar Winner! However, we do believe in empowering your goals. So if you are going to play the lottery you might as well increase and empower your odds of winning. ARE YOU READY FOR A FINANCIAL MIRACLE IN YOUR LIFE?


Richard Lustig has won the Grand Prize Lottery 7 times. He has a system and a set of loopholes that “REALLY” work.


So begin by making your list of what you intend to do with your lottery winnings, once you manifest your miracle. You are a click away from the financial miracle you need. This can change your life forever. CLICK HERE TO BECOME A WINNER.


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Robert Zink & Rachael Zink

Empowerment Audio Programs – MP3 Instant Download

Empower your life will these amazing downloadable programs. All products are available for instant download. The download link will appear in your email. CAUTION download links will expire in 48 hours. It is your responsibility to download within this time frame. Please be aware that some downloads require unzipping the files.

Quantum Vibe Magical Orgonite

Quantum Vibe Magical Orgonite is energy field amplifiers for specific purposes. This is no ordinary orgonite! Each piece has been created with incantations, ancient ceremonial rites, and attuned crystals. All Quantum Vibe Magical Orgonite is sent Reiki energy on every full moon.

Quantum Vibe Oils

These are magically created blends of only the best all essential oils. Each is attuned to a specific purpose and has been Reiki charged. Each has a very high vibration to assist in manifestation.