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Manifest Anything You Desire with the Law of Attraction

law of attraction

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

The teachings of manifestation and the Law of Attraction have been taught in the sacred mystery schools of ancient times. Most famous of all these schools was the Hermetic mystery schools in old Egypt. For centuries, this knowledge has been suppressed, and not readily available to the average person. Those who possessed money and power understood the manifestation principals and used them to their advantage. Also, they guarded them against the masses. These powerful secrets that could bring wealth, love, power, advancement were secretly kept in a handful of secret mystery schools and by a small number of the world’s most wealthy and powerful.

Many people have experimented with the Law of Attraction and will tell you that it does not work. They are right; it does not function if you do not have all the necessary components operating in harmony. However when all the pieces of the puzzle are in place, the Law of Attraction provides super powers to attract nearly anything a person could want.

Personally, I have seen absolute miracles happen when the Law of Attraction was correctly employed. I have witnessed people winning the million-dollar lottery, starting a business and attracting 2.5 million dollars in less than two years. I have seen people receive untold sums of money they did not expect. I am always amazed. Several companies and small businesses have gone from the lean stage to the large stage so quickly that one would think they were doing something illegal. The good news is that there is nothing illegal about invoking the total power of the Universe to obtain what you desire. When it comes to relationships, the list goes on and on. People that thought the love of their life was gone forever end up falling in love again and getting married. Amazing. Probably the most remarkable miracle I have witnessed was a gentleman in London who had severe M.S. He used two canes to walk. During a lunch break, he told me he heard a voice say he could walk. He threw off the canes and began walking! My eyes were filled with tears. The power is real. Science is still studying him to find out how his nerve fibers miraculously started healing. The Law of Attraction is real, and it works, but you must have all the key components in place to ensure success.

I have had the privilege to be both a student and a teacher, and eventually a leader in one of the most knowledgeable mystery schools in recent history. I still teach, and we have members and students all over the world. Most people don’t have time to study the ancient teachings, and so a mystery school is not for everyone. However those who have an interest, I suggest a visit to, also, I have been to many of the world’s sacred sites and studied from various masters. I only share this to explain how these powerful; life-changing secrets became available to me. My mission is to empower those who seek to learn, even if they are not an initiate. I believe that when people are empowered and want for little, the world becomes a much better place for everyone. We live in an era of enlightenment, and Rachael and I seek to do our share.

Your Energy field, DNA, and mind already know how to manifest the intentions you desire. The problem is that you may not understand it completely. Likely at some point in your life, you have demonstrated something that you thought almost impossible. The exciting news is that if you can do it once, you can do it over and over and over of attraction

The following are seven key steps to manifesting what you desire.

  1. Develop clear intentions of what you desire.
    See clearly in your mind exactly what you want and make the picture crystal clear.
    Without clear intentions, the Universe receives a muddy message, and the result is that you attract cloudy manifestation. Always think in clear, concise pictures. One reason why wealthy people often ask for a decision immediately. They know that people with clear direction and intentions will either know immediately what they want to do and can make a decision quickly.
  2. Be confident that you are worthy of whatever it is you want.
    Most people never reach the secret place of total worthiness. They think they deserve some reliable transportation for example, but not a shiny new truck. This low self-esteem is a deal breaker with the Universe because it sends mixed messages.
  3. Act and live as if what you desire has already manifested.
    This is called the ” I AM” stage. Example: I am now earning $10,000 a month. Operate from the “I AM” mentality to ensure that you are working from a position of acting and living as if you already have what you desire.
  4. Focus on what you desire, never on how it will manifest.
    When you spend time worrying about how things will come about, you are no longer co-creating with the Universe. Your worrying and fretting attract more of the same.
  5. Understand that it is happening with the help of the Universe.
  6. Remain focused on your intention and desires.
    Use affirmations, incantations, visualization, ritual, and other tools to aid you such as Miracle Hypnosis. Miracle Hypnosis is a powerful tool that will help you re-train you mind.
  7. Take inspired action.
    There is no attraction without action. You can sit under a tree all day long and wish for something, but wishes come true when you get up and take action. Do it now are three little words that will change your life. Take action.

You have the power to manifest almost anything you desire using the Law of Attraction and this formula. You must not deviate from this formula if you want the results you expect. If you give into doubt or uncertainty, you are not going to receive what you desire. Doubt, fear, and uncertainty are counter intentions that will quickly erode your progress and send you back to square one.

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  1. I have found the LOA to always be working. I have not found an on/off switch. That beigng said I have also found that our own intensions and emotions tend to fluctuate. As it is said, ” What we think about most of the time we will experience”. IT may not be experienced exactly as we invissioned. but the “heart ” of the intent will be experienced.

    I also have found that besided the thinking portion. I feel there is a spoken part that must be included. Stating you intent is more mowerful than just thinking about it. One keeps in the thoughty astral areas. Where the other helps to open a chanel in the physical. As it is also said, ” ask and it shall be given”.

    I also believe you must have a belief that you will receive your intention. IF you say you want an experience but your beliefe that you wont experience it. This is a counter intention and will get in the way of your experience.

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