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How To Make The Law Of Assumption Work For You

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

There are 100 billion galaxies,8 known planets and 9 generally accepted dwarf planets and so much more in the universe that we don’t know about. The Milky way is JUST one of the galaxies, the earth is just one of the planets where we exist. There is so much more to be discovered, so much that is unknown. Simply accepting that you are not worthy of your desires, your dreams won’t come true seems a little naïve when you don’t even know the number of resources, the amount of people that are present out there to help you. When you are in an airplane and you look down, you see that everything seems so small. There are so many people living who you don’t even know. Now can you imagine how vast is the Universe. There are innumerable opportunities for you to find, a lot of people you haven’t met yet who might turn out to be your soulmate you wished all your life or you might find the perfect city for you to live in. The only thing that is stopping you is your mind, when you put your mind to something and really believe in it you will attract that into your reality. People often mistake success to only be the amount of effort you put in, its usually the people who have the right mindset will find the process smoother because there are so many tools and techniques available for you. To change anything in your life, then, you have to change the beliefs and assumptions you hold about it

                                            The meaning of the word DESIRE is a strong feeling of wanting to have something, wishing for something to happen. Anybody can desire anything starting from as little as a chocolate to desiring to be the richest human alive but you know what your real desires are, what you really want from life. Something that touches your soul and makes you extremely happy, makes you feel ALIVE. Real desires are different for everybody but what should be kept in mind is that “YOU WOULD NOT BE GIVEN YOUR DESIRES IF THEY WERE NOT POSSIBLE TO MANIFEST”. That dream that was planted in your head always had a reason so instead of listing 100 ways of it not coming true list 10 ways of it actually coming in to reality. Those 10 ways will be enough for you to be on the right track. Everybody in this world has a choice. Either you choose to have a positive attitude or you choose to have a negative one. You can choose to go workout and move your body or you can choose to lay back and watch another episode on Netflix. It depends on you what choice you make.   One of the easiest ways to create your reality is through LAW OF ASSUMPTION. People often get discouraged. They feel they are not worthy enough or its impossible for them to achieve something so big, these all are nothing but your insecurities, your fear, the experiences you have had in childhood. Every problem has a solution you just have to want it enough. From there you can slowly transition into the state of having. Your entire experience of the world is a symbolic representation of where your consciousness stands. If you really believe in your manifestation nothing in this world can stop it from coming true. You and only YOU can control your mind, YOU can change YOUR perspective and if you really want to see it from another perspective, why choose a bad one? Why choose a way which won’t help you in any way?

                                                    What you desire already exists, it’s YOURS. It is happening somewhere, all of it. You have to put that amount of effort, faith in yourself and your manifestation for it to come into reality. If you have a desire then you have the POWER to create it into your reality.1ST Step to manifest is to align with your desire, you cannot expect change if you decide to stay in the same place forever. YOU ALWAYS ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE. The higher your frequency it becomes simpler for your desires to come true. I Love the way Jean Luc Picard said “MAKE IT SO, #1”. It means bring it into reality where we can touch it, see it, feel it. The secret to manifest is to TOTALLY and COMPLETELY assume that your desire is already yours. If you say I don’t see that new car, I don’t see my partner in my life, I don’t have the money that is because you are looking at it from a 3D perspective, you are not feeling your desire. EVERYTHING THAT CAN BE CREATED IS ALREADY CREATED. When you play a radio, you tune the dial, it doesn’t mean that all the other frequencies that you can not hear are not present You just have to tune into them. As long as your focus is locked in the 3D world, you will remain in the state of WANTING and NEEDING which pushes your desires away from you. There should be no lack of anything in your energy. You are abundant enough to have all your desires. Human body itself is not just made of a single cell; you are ABUNDANT. Law of assumption helps you to tune in or shift into the precise frequency where what you want is already happening, ITS RIGHT NOW. Mohammad Ali very precisely said” I KNEW THAT I WAS THE GREATEST BEFORE I EVER EXCLAIMED OR SAID I WAS THE GREATEST”. He already knew, he already accepted it. It was undeniable in his reality.  MAKE UR AFFIRMATIONS REFLECT THE FACT THAT U ALREADY HAVE WHAT YOU DESIRE. For example, “I am absolutely certain of my wealth and prosperity”” Love flows into my life easily and effortlessly”” I am the person who has it all”. These affirmations are not about hoping, wanting or needing they are about having and knowing. That knowing inside of you is what will create you desire.  You have the power to put yourself on a strict mental diet, only allowing your preferred experience of the world to influence the assumptions you hold about yourself, and using techniques like the power of revision to change any appearances that may seem to get in your way.

                                              Visualize something u desire as if it were a memory. When we visualize, we tend to keep the things that we desire in front of our mind and memories in the back. Take what you desire to the back and visualize it like you are remembering something that you did. This will take it from the world of WANT to the world of HAVE. When you visualize be present in the movie, don’t see the movie, feel every bit of your visualization. These are frequency films that allows your feelings to connect to the frequency of your intention as if its already yours. Consistency and patience are the greatest virtue. Affirm every single day” I am the co-creator of my reality” “what I put intention to has already manifested in my life” Why is it so easy for me to manifest” “Why does money flow so easily into my life” “Why am I so adored and loved”. When you get a present from somebody which is bigger, more spectacular or more wonderful than you expected you feel happy and grateful. Get your mind into that state. I have already received that house, I have already received that admission, that new car, that wedding ring. Your subconscious only sees now. Those feelings are real to it. It cannot differentiate between real and evoked feelings. So, if you really feel that you have your desire it will be created into your reality.  If you want to live a life, live a life where you regret nothing, enjoy everything and achieve your highest potential.

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  1. I have been doing the instant contact meditation for more than a week yet I still don’t have contact with the man I love and want to be with

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