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7 Law of Attraction Secrets to Attracting Money

attracting money

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

1. Keep your money moving.

Money is energy and therefore needs to be in a state of flow. This does not mean to be stupid with your money. After all, you can spend your money on tools to make more money just as easy as you can spend it on spontaneous desires. Money is most often thought of flowing out to bills and expenses but you need maintain belief and action in the other side of the money spectrum. This means money flows to you because you become a vacuum for earning money. Once you begin to think of yourself as a super earner, you will begin to earn more, thus attracting money. The more you expect to earn the more you will earn. So in conclusion, money moves toward you just and easily as it flows from you. You are a super earner who money moves to and through. You are attracting money. It is easy to obtain money and send it forth into prospects and investments that keep money moving toward you. Keep your money moving.

2.  Money is an expression of your value.

Attracting money is an expression of your value, so raise your price and provide more service. I had a mentor who asked me once who worked harder my Dad (who worked very hard) or Johnny Carson. I said, “My Dad worked harder.” He then asked who made more money and the answer was obvious, Johnny Carson. When it came to money, Johnny had more value and therefore made more. Here is a secret, the more you value yourself, the more you will earn. When you believe you have a high worth you will attract what you believe you are worth. If you work for an hourly wage, think of ways to make yourself more valuable to your employer then after 3 months, ask for more money. Do this every 6 month or so. You are worth it now you need to believe it. Money is an expression of your value.

3.  Embrace those with a money mind set.

If you are always hanging around people who have no money are broke, have their phone turned off etc, it is no wonder that you are broke too. Do you sit around and talk about how broke you are? Please understand that I not asking you to judge your friends based on the money they earn. What I am suggesting is that you make a plan of building friendships with people who have some money and those that are attracting money. Sure you feel more comfortable around dead beats and people that are broke, but this because there is no accountability to push you to better yourself by making more money. It is not about feeling comfortable, it is about changing to a attracting money mindset. Embrace those with a money mindset.

4.  Money runs away from those who spend it foolishly.

I am not saying you can’t enjoy your Starbucks, what I am saying is use your money to pay your bills, provide a home, help you do the things you want to do and to MAKE MORE MONEY. The drunken sailor is always broke, so sober up and respect your money. Money is energy and energy should always be respected. If you are allowing your money to run into spontaneous whims and wants, it will continue to run that way. If you are allowing your money to run into your dreams and goals, it will continue to run toward bigger dreams. Know where your money is running. Money runs away from those who spend it foolishly.

5.  Money comes to those who develop a plan and stick to it.

It is better to have a faulty plan and push through it then to be fickle and keep changing your mind. Stick with your plan. Feel the glory of overcoming challenges. Be like Walt Disney. Did you know that claiming bankruptcy multiply times was part of Walt Disney actualizing his dream? He had a plan and stayed true to it, even though he failed a few times before massive success came. Money comes to those who develop a plan and stick to it. Start attracting money by taking control of it.

6.  Be creative.

You may have problems attracting money today or tomorrow but do not allow your money problems to interfere with your creativity. Come up with new ideas on how to earn more money. Get excited about your creativity and let it flow. Ask yourself something like, “If there were no limitations how would I love to earn money?” You will be surprised with what you come up with. This is how famous Amos did it and you can too. Be creative.

7.  Focus on the feeling of prosperity and abundance.

This feeling feels good. Imagine 100 thousand years ago when a cavemen came home with a Sabre tooth tiger and after gutting it, gave his cave women a beautiful tiger fur coat. Both of them felt ecstatic. The feeling of abundance has not changed since the caveman. The caveman progressed because he focus on the desired results. The caveman did not sit under a tree in the cold rain, with no cave, no fire, and no fur coat complaining about poverty. Do what cavemen did, think about what you want to manifest, then after deciding what you want, experience it over and over and over again mentally until you manifest it physically. You can have plenty of money. Focus on the feeling of prosperity and abundance.

These 7 Super Secrets of Attracting Money will help put you on the path to abundance. Apply them on a regular basis. I also suggest that you get in the habit of reading books and listening to audio’s on the subject of attracting money. Think about money, not the money you don’t have, but focus on the money you intend to earn or manifest. These activities will bring you money attraction energy so you can start living in abundance.

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