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Law of Attraction Secret to Start Attracting Easier

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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

The universe is a vast matrix of energy. This is the Law of Attraction Secret. Everything is energy, thoughts, matter, and light. There are in fact types of energy that we may not even be fully aware of. Dark matter for example is one such energy or anti-energy. Understanding the power of energy is an incredible Law of Attraction Secret.

When it comes to invoking the Law of Attraction most people make the deadly mistake of trying to micro manage the universe and the vast matrix of energy that the universe is comprised of. The energy of the Universe must be allowed to flow.You can not ignore this Law of Attraction secret if you want to start attracting easier and better.

If you don’t learn to understand this Law of Attraction secret of manifesting, then all the other Law of Attraction secrets become less potent and less productive. This is perhaps the most powerful and the most difficult secret to unlocking the full power of the Law of Attraction; it is the secret of letting energy flow. It is the Law of Attraction secret of wanting something and then not wanting it so much you micro manage the energy of the universe.

When you’ve set an intention or goal, you naturally follow up with a variety of inner personal tools such as affirmations, incantations, and visualization. You have a goal so you have worked out some steps to achieving and manifesting the goal. Remember, if your goal is big then you likely do not fully know how the universe will provide you the manifestation you seek to create. Again, you are using the Law of Attraction secret of letting energy flow in the matrix of the Universe.Sometimes the goal is so big, you simply have no idea at all how you will manifest what it is you want. Now that’s a GREAT goal. If you have created a goal that is so big that you have no idea how it will manifest. Congratulations, you are a high level law of attraction achiever. You are working beyond what you know and trusting the universe for what you do not know. You are using the Law of Attraction secret of the energy matrix.

Here is the hard part about all this. Once you set your intention or goal, and you are doing everything you can to manifest it. As you work on the manifestation, you are becoming the vibrations necessary to attract whatever it is you want. Now comes the Law of Attraction secret of let it go so the energy can flow. I know you don’t believe what I just said that, but I did because that is truly the Law of Attraction secret.

When you attempt to micro manage the universe, it is like you are holding a clock to the universe. Ask yourself, “How am I chocking the energy off.” The very thoughts you are thinking in your micro management are the very thoughts that are keeping you from getting what you want. Use the Law of Attraction secret of letting it go so energy can flow. Do the work, see the pictures, feel the emotions and then let it go.

Once you get a grip on this Law of Attraction secret, you will be mastering the process of manifestation. You will know a Law of Attraction secret that others simply cannot get a grip on. This is powerful information. Learn to apply it and watch what happens, or better yet, don’t watch.

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