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The Law Of Attraction, The Golden Dawn & Energy Healing

Emerald Tablet of Hermes

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

(Reprinted with permission from the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn)

The Law of Attraction finds it’s roots in the ancient teachings of Hermes Trimegestus and the Emerald Tablet. This ancient document provides the basis of knowledge for all magical, metaphysical and even spiritual healing. It is the Law of Attraction and the reality that likes attract likes which allows us to create an inner reality of health and wellness, then have it reflected into the physical plane. Without getting too esoteric let me make this whole concept easier to understand. All we need to do is look at this simple yet profound sentence that come from the Emerald Tablet. The profound sentence is as follows: “As Above so Below.”

There are a multitude of interpretations/translations to the Emerald Tablet. Keeping this in minds, suffice to say, a workable and usable interpretation of the Emerald Tablet is “that which we create in the higher planes of reality, must manifest in the lower planes of the physical world”. This is exactly what you do as a Energy Healer, you work in the energy field of the patient and thus are working in the higher planes of reality in regard to the patient.

This is a simple concept but difficult for some to get a grasp on. I remember when a noted Golden Dawn leader began laughing on the internet and calling me a “New Age Golden Dawn Guru”. He argued that this whole concept was from the new age movement and had nothing to do with the Golden Dawn or the teachings of Hermetics. I strongly disagree.

I believe the Law of Attraction is the cornerstone of how the Magic of Light works, initiation, and or anything else that has a spiritual/physical counterpart. Naturally the Law of Attraction is the foundation of how all forms of esoteric or spiritual healing work. Think of this…..If there is no higher reality that expresses itself as the aura or energy field, if the only thing that exists is the body, then all we are doing is playing a mental game with ourselves. On the other hand, if healing a tear in the aura of a patient has a profound affect on a bleeding cut, and the bleeding slows down or stops, then we have employed the very basis of the Law of Attraction. Healings like the one just mentioned are the RULE, not the exception.

One prolific author who wrote about the Law of Attraction was one of the Chief Adepts in the Golden Dawn Temple in Chicago in the 1920′s. His name was William Walker Atkinson (1862-1932). Atkinson was one of the Three Initiates who wrote what has almost become the modern day bible of modern Hermetics. That book is a must read for anyone interested in the Law of Attraction and Hermetics. The books is called The Kybalion (1908). After over 50 years this book is still in print; showing the timelessness of the truth contained in it’s pages. Atkinson coined the phrase “Thought, Vibration and the Law of Attraction.”

The whole idea that Atkinson and others claim is that our thoughts have incredible power to create the reality we seek. In other words, if we think about health and vitality, we tend to attract health and vitality and vice verse. This is a cornerstone teaching in almost every mystery school. The more you think about something the more energy is put into manifesting that thought. Again we see the concept of “As above, so below”.

This fundamental truth applies to every area of our lives. The way we think affects our mental state, our physical health, as well as, our wealth. It is absolutely critical that every Energy Healer of any healing method have a basic understanding of the Law of Attraction. It is essential that as Energy Healers we never allow ourselves to draw limitations on the universe’s ability to heal anyone of any condition at anytime.

Another famous Adept of the Golden Dawn tradition is the late Israel Regardie. He is most famous for his book called The Golden Dawn. Regardie was a proponent of the Law of Attraction and wrote about it in his 1937 book called, The Art of True Healing: A Treatise on the Mechanism of Prayer and the Operation of the Law of Attraction in Nature. In this book he shares with his readers a meditation designed to help the mind heal itself! Regardie claimed that the Law of Attraction was not only a valid method for attracting good physical health, but that the Law of Attraction was equally good for empowering other aspects of one’s life. I personally would agree with Regardie and simply add that there cannot be any healing if the constructs of the Law of Attraction are not employed. All good Energy Healers invoke the power of the Law of Attraction in their healing even if they are not aware of it. I as an Energy Healer with a Golden Dawn background join Atkinson and Regardie in embracing how the Law of Attraction and true healing go hand in hand.

Certainly there are others who do not have a magical or Hermetic background that have been active advocates in regard to the power of the Law of Attraction. This may be one of the most revealing things about the Law of Attraction; that it’s concepts are not limited to one group of people or another. People from every belief system seem to find a way to connect to the concept of the Law of Attraction, especially if healing is involved.

One of these people is Wallace D. Wattles. Wattles in his famous book The Science of Getting Rich (1910) explains to his reader that, the mere act of simply believing in the object of your desire and focusing on it will lead to that object or goals being realized. Wattles also explains that negative thoughts lead to negative results. If Wattles is correct, and I certainly believe he is, then every thought our patients think about themselves and their physical health likely has played a significant role in their Dis-ease. In other words, they are attracting into their physical bodies the very sickness they seek to rid themselves of. To take this a step further, every thought we think about our patients has a powerful and even lasting impact on them. This is why it is critical that the Energy Healer learn to control his or her thoughts at all times.

Perhaps the most famous of all the books that have the Law of Attraction as its cornerstone is Napoleon Hill’s book called Think and Grow Rich (1928). This book continues to be one of the top selling books on the use of the mind in the attraction of wealth. The book has sold over 60 million copies. The same principals that are employed for attracting wealth can and should be applied to the subject of healing. This book is as much about the subject of healing as it is about wealth accumulation. Hill insisted on the importance of controlling one’s own thoughts in order to achieve success, as well as, control the energy that thoughts have and their ability to attract other thoughts.

In recent times, we have seen a plethora of books on the subjects of thoughts, attraction and healing. For example The Secret (2006) by Rhoda Byrne. This book is very much influenced by Wallace Wattles 1910 book The Science of Getting Rich, which Byrne received from her daughter during a time of personal trauma. Another example is Esther and Jerry Hicks and their New York times best seller called, Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness (2007). All of these books teach about the power of our thoughts and what we can learn to manifest if we develop control of our thought.

You may be saying to yourself, this is all very interesting but what does this have to do with the healing. The answer is simple. Your thoughts as an Energy Healer must be focused on a target. I believe you must hold that target in your mind with crystal clear vision. When I begin performing healing on a patient, I never draw a limitation. I always see this person in optimum health and vitality. I see radiance coming from them and always see them in a state of joy and happiness. You need to create this vision in your mind and hold it. At times it may become difficult to hold the picture, but nonetheless less this is what you must do.

Everything you do must align with your overall picture of health and vitality. At times this may be difficult because your patients may be in pain, sick, hurting, and even more damaging, they may be complaining. Listening to a patient complain is one thing, as we want to be compassionate, but we must never buy into the the complaint. It is important that you as an Energy Healer never accept that things are static or unchangeable. You are a representative of the universe and the universe has no limitations.

So whether you are a Law of Attraction practitioner, a Golden Dawn or other magical community member, or an Energy Healer remember all of these are inter-connected. Even though each group accesses the power of their thoughts in different ways the same results are achieved. The Law of Attraction uses magic and healing. Magic uses the Law of Attraction and healing. Healing uses the Law of Attraction and magic. I encourage you to explore the resources in this article that you are not familiar with. Broadening your knowledge of attraction, magic, and healing techniques will empower you. Remember, control your thoughts; “As Above, so Below”. Expect results!

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