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Why Most Law of Attraction Coaching is Not Enough to Get Results

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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

The problem with most Law of Attraction Coaching is that it lacks the positive support necessary to get powerful, undeniable results. Results are really all that matters when it comes to Law of Attraction Coaching. Most people are riddled with negative thoughts, fears, doubts, dark energy, lack of confidence, and counter intentions. Before any serious results can be manifested through the Law of Attraction, it is essential that clarity and cleaning take place. This portion of the work can be a like pulling weeds. You pull one weed only to have more pop up. People who have tried working with the law of attraction who have skipped using a Law of Attraction Coach often give up. Without a Law of Attraction Coach most people do not get the clarity and cleaning necessary to plant positive intentions in fertile soil, so they might have them grow and prosper.

To maximize results when it comes to Law of Attraction Coaching, you must select a coach who can and will give you the necessary time to work through to transform your fears, doubts and counter intentions. This will certainly require more than one appointment a month. We suggest a minimum of two 30 minute sessions a week or one 90 minute session a week take place for at least 5 to 6 weeks in a row. This will allow all the weeds to be pulled and the soil fertilized so the weeds do not return.

In addition there should be text support and email support to fill in the gaps between sessions. Often in addition to all this, it is necessary to provide additional audio program support. The beauty of Law of Attraction Coaching through an audio is that the client can repeatedly listen the program until the information is absorbed into the client’s second nature.

The client must feel a sense of total transformation taking place for the first six weeks. Then, after the client has been taught and his or her thought process is transformed, then and only then, can the Law of Attraction Coaching be reduced to once or twice a month. Eventually, many clients slim down to 1 session every month or every other month. This is a good maintenance level. It acts as a type of accountability. It can even become a deep friendship or business partnership.

In addition to all the hands on coaching Law of Attraction Solutions provide clients, we also provide a daily 15 minute podcast they can listen to. This podcast is the most popular rated Law of Attraction podcast on I-tunes. It is short burst of relevant information to empower your life.

It is essential that if you are ready to embark on Law of Attraction Coaching that you double check that you are getting support for the length of time you need to make the changes necessary to manifest the life you want. Settle for success and nothing less.

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  1. Every successful entrepreneur has at least one mentor, you do not need to be an entrepreneur to have a mentor. Why not have someone coach you to the life of you dreams and desires using the law of attraction and teachings of the ancients. I am a Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life client and have noticed a difference in a short period of time.

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