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Law Of Attraction ACTION – Stop The Worry!

stop worry

Are you worried about money, or making the house payment, or paying off a looming debt? Are your money worries eating you up and taking all your mental time? Perhaps you have some other fear that is shadowing you and causing you to go without sleep. Are you concerned about your business or your relationship?

Fear is a monster that can be defeated with your knowledge of the Law of Attraction and positive action. The good news is you always have the power to control your thoughts and change the energy dynamics of your situation. I like to call this, Law of Attraction ACTION. Law of Attraction ACTION is about controlling the situation through personal mind and thought control then following up with action.

Most disasters never happen. As a matter of fact, real disasters generally happen with no proceeded worry. Real disasters come oftentimes without any notice. It certainly does not make any sense at all to worry about something that is likely not going to happen, or something we don’t even know about. It makes more sense to use your energy to prepare to the best of your ability. You must create positive protective thoughts about yourself, your family, your business, and your community. This is called, Law of Attraction ACTION. You are co-creating the world you want, and following it up with positive action. You refuse to sit back and allow fears of the world to beat up on you.

Most of the time, the things we worry about never manifest, or never manifest to the size we envisioned. However, when we engage in negative worry, we freeze out positive thoughts and begin to lower the vibrational level in our micro universe. This negative energy has its own consequences. It make more sense to ask yourself this question when something is looming over your head, “What actions can I take now? What actions are most important?”

Remember that the Law of Attraction is always at work. Therefore, continue to focus on the outcomes you want and expect to see. See the outcome in big, bright, bold pictures. Add color, sound and smell. Make the outcome a certainty in your mind, then take positive action. “Do it now!” is the slogan that will give you the advantage in any worrisome situation. Make the Law of Attraction your personal tool and claim the advantage in the situation.

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