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The Key To Attraction: Take Action!

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The key to attraction is to take action! You must be presently involved in the designing of your life to get what you want. Do you want to expand your business? Do you want to meet that someone special or reinvigorate your marriage? Do you want a new car, home, or luxury yacht? You have to do something about it. Get up! Take action! If you believe you will receive what you want by writing it down on a little piece of paper, then sticking it under your pillow as you sleep, waiting for the Law of Attraction Fairy, someone has pulled the wool over your eyes. You must take action for there to be attraction!

What continually hinders us from making life-changing, life-affirming decisions, and choosing to take action? The answer is “fear and pain”. Don’t let the fear of rejection prevent you from asking someone out. Don’t let the fear of losing your business investment prevent you from expanding. Don’t let the fears of the past prevent you from creating a flourishing and successful life. The fear of pain is what prevents us from achieving maximum pleasure. What good are all our aspirations, dreams and goals without follow-through or choosing to take attraction? You can write down a list of all your plans, but without the investment of time and energy, your list is written vainly. The key to attraction is to take action. The reason people fail when taking action; is a mind set focused on the pain; the pain of losing weight, the financial pain of putting yourself through doctorate school, the pain of physical rehabilitation. What do you want? Pain is as natural as pleasure, though we spend most time seeking distance from pain. Let pain work for you, toward greater pleasures. If you’re going to experience pain, which you are, let it benefit your objectives. When you begin to fear the immediate pain, take action, as pain is an immobilizer, and the key to attraction is to take action.

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