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Invoking Your Own Form of Personal Magic

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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

When we think of other people, we tend to believe that they think and feel like us, or even more misleading, they think in opposition to us. The way to transcend this limitation is through your own personal magic.

We have our own unique model of the world and we believe our model of the world is the way the world really is. To put in another way, we believe that the internal map of the world that we own is the actual world itself. However this is a limiting believe that can only be expanded through personal magic.

Think about the people you live, work and socialize with. You will observe they too have a map of the world – a world view that they confuse with reality.

So what we have are subjective perceptions. It is certified that the individual working to obtain self mastery not confuse his or her personal map for the terrain itself. The bottom line is that as long as we live in the world of the four elements, we at best will only have our own prescription of eye glasses in which we see the world. Not until we invoke our own personal magic will we see the world clearly.

We naturally think our version is right.When people debate it’s not to learn, but to convince others that their world view is right. Think about it for just a moment. If we are limited to the five sense of the body and the four elements of creation (air, fire, water, earth), then how can we transcend this narrow self limiting world view into an unlimited more holistic view of reality? The answer is SPIRIT. Spirit works directly with your own personal magic.

The ancient mysteries, as taught in many mystery schools, provide a breaking point between stimuli and response. In this gap there are all the opportunities and potential for moving out of self limitation (our outdated map) into a new infinite way to codify the elements and the stimuli that enters via the five senses.

Look at the diagram below:

personal magic

Normally our predetermined filters are our precious values, beliefs, distortions, generalizations, etc. We believe them to be correct. However, when spirit is involved as the fifth element into the mentality of the individual, it breaks up many of these preset determinations and begins to offer an infinite number of new and often more powerful choices. Spirit is infinite, thus connecting to spirit connects us to the infinite.

Next, we perceive the world differently and with more clarity because the senses are now receiving new, unfiltered information. Our inner state changes and we begin to develop an unlimited approach to our life. We move from an existing state to a growing state. Finally our behavior changes and as a result of new thoughts and new behavior our world changes with it.

We can crumple up the old map – it’s outdated; it always was. We have invoked our own form of Personal Magic.

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