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5 Intuition Secrets to Law of Attraction Success

Develop Intuition

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction works all the time and it work even more effectively when a strong intuition is employed. The Law of Attraction never takes a day off and neither should the power of your intuition. Sometimes we are attracting what we desire, and other times we are not.  However, at some level, we are attracting the world around us because we express and impress connection into the Infinite Field, Source or Light. The most challenging truth to the teachings of the Law of Attraction is that we are co-creators of our reality and everything in our reality is a by product of what we have attracted!  This certainly does not make us responsible for other people’s behavior, but we are the magnets at some mystical level of everything  in our life.  This teaching is found in the ancient’s writings of Hermes Trismegistus, famous author of the Emerald Tablet.

As your intuition begins to grow, you will discover more of what you can do to attract what you desire and you will also discover what you can do to attract less of what you do not want. Your intuition is a powerful tool for attracting the life you desire through the Law of Attraction and should always be cultivated.

There are several ways to building intuition.  As a life long member and Imperator of a metaphysical Organization called the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, I can tell you that this group beyond anything else I have seen can and will build your intuition.  You can visit their website at: They focus on the ancient teachings of the various mystery schools. One of the most powerful methods they teach their students to employ is inner path working, or traveling in the spirit vision.  These methods complex and do deep to be addressed in this article.

Here are some things you can do now to build intuition.  Remember, a strong intuition will give you an advantage when it comes to attracting what you desire in your life, PLUS you can use your skill to help others. Increasing your intuition will awaken your personal power several fold.

  1. Your gut instinct is generally correct.  We have been taught in out society to disregard our gut instinct.  We get a strong feeling about something and then spend hours or even days running it through our brains.  STOP. Trust your gut.
  2. Build a relationship with a spiritual counterpart.  For myself it is with the Angels.  I have been studying the Cabala for 37 years and have developed a special relationship with a number of angels.  For some reason when you open your mind to the higher worlds, your intuition seems to increase drastically.  Those who have a strong intuition for the most part are tapping into   strong spiritual connections.
  3. Take time to meditate.  If you will clear your mind and simply mediate on a point in time and space, a point of light, you will quiet the chatter of the ego and open to your higher mind or even begin to connect to your Holy Guardian Angel.  You may not see anything, but you will learn to hear from higher levels of consciousness.
  4. Ask yourself these simple questions, what do I see? Then look at what is.  What do I hear, and then open up to higher thoughts in your mind, what to I feel, then get in touch with your feelings.
  5. The past does not equal the future.  Just because something painful happened in the past, does not mean it will happen in the future.  Do not bring in past pain or anchors into your NOW decision.

These are some simple methods of increasing your intuition.  And what is the reason you would want to increase your intuition?  The reason is that you will have a lifelong advantage in attracting the life you desire through the Hermetic Law of Attraction.

One final note, I work with clients all over the world with Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching.  Most of those clients want to get the Law of Attraction working for them better, but some simply want us to help them develop intuitive power..  We are always delighted to help and have a 12-week program that will have you astounding yourself.  Write us at: if interested and leave your contact information.  This program is only taught one on one and you receive over 14 hours of private training.

If this article has helped you leave a comment and follow us on Instagram @lawofattractionsolutions. To get started transforming your life with a Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Success program CLICK HERE.

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