When Amanda S. engaged Robert Zink in his world famous Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching Program, she never expected to win one million dollars. Amanda worked closely with Robert to open up her unlimited power and potential. She destroyed her limiting beliefs and began to accept that someway, somehow, she would attract the money she desired. She started to believe that she could change her life.


Make More MoneyA belief change was all it took. After a short time of working with Robert, her energy field changed to have an abundance mentality.

Did she win one million dollars or did she attract one million dollars? The answer is obvious that is was her new found beliefs and skills using the Law of Attraction that brought wealth into her life.

Now Amanda is embarking on her goals and dreams as a trained culinary chef and business woman.

You can make your dreams come true through Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching. If Amanda and countless others can attract astonishing amounts of money, like one million dollars, and much success, YOU CAN TOO.


Check out Amanda’s story at Channel 6 WTVR. Click HERE!


Rachael & I do not endorse playing the lottery even though we have mentored a Million Dollar Winner! However, we do believe in empowering your goals. So if you are going to play the lottery you might as well increase and empower your odds of winning. ARE YOU READY FOR A FINANCIAL MIRACLE IN YOUR LIFE?

Richard Lustig has won the Grand Prize Lottery 7 times. He has a system and a set of loopholes that “REALLY” work.

So begin by making your list of what you intend to do with your lottery winnings, once you manifest your miracle. You are a click away from the financial miracle you need. This can change your life forever. CLICK HERE TO BECOME A WINNER.

Always Attracting,

Robert Zink & Rachael Zink


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