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How to Thrive in Uncertain Times

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We definitely are going through some unprecedented tough times where jobs are being lost, salaries are being cut, loved ones are getting sick and illness is all around – everything possible to make one feel lack and lower one’s vibrations.

But instead of letting yourself get dragged into that dark abyss in your mind, how about we not only look at the silver lining but look at some great ways to actually thrive during this pandemic. So here are my top 7 tricks, tips and ideas to turn these challenging times into a time for strength and growth.

1- You always get a second (third, fourth….etc) chance

No matter what has happened in your past, no matter the ‘tragic’ or tough things that you have been through – they are all now in the past. You are a co-creator of your own reality so you always decide to bring your best version to a whole new day, every single day.

2- Gratitude creates Abundance

The more gratitude you have for all that you do have the more you attract. But complaining only creates more lack. So instead of thinking about everything that you are unable to do or be, how about focusing on the smallest to biggest things that are going great in your life – the roof on your head, the phone/laptop you are reading this on, the water you have to quench your thirst, food to fill your tummy and soooo much more. Focusing on the good will help you to attract more good, even great into your life.

3- Fall Together

Even though you might feel that things are falling apart, they are actually falling ‘together’ for you….coming together to help you manifest even better.

As your energy and vibration starts rising, life as you know it will start shifting to match your vibration. So you might lose that job, or end that relationship or lose that friend of yours from childhood but all of it is only taking you to the next dimension to help you manifest the best version of you and give you much more than you had even dreamt up for yourself

4- Feel your feelings

You are human with a smorgasbord of emotions. So yes, you will not have your s*** together every single moment of every single day. It is perfectly normal to cry, feel sad for yourself, and even vent out emotions through anger (as long as you are not hurting someone else).

The only way to get over emotions and feelings is to feel them, so allow yourself to be like any other human and feel whatever it is you are feeling.

Here’s a little tip from my own life…when I am low or sad I set myself a timer of an hour or two and allow myself to whine, feel like a victim or do whatever I desire at that point…and then when the alarm goes off I find ways to choose happiness and pick myself up by focusing on the good and awesome that is working out in my life.

5- Choices, choices, more choices

No matter what is happening in your life, there are a minimum of 2 choices for every decision you have to make. You can always choose how you want things to be. If you want life to be bigger, better and manifest more, make better choices – it literally, is that simple!

You are a co-creator of your own reality, never forget that!

6- Ask for Help

Even though you might feel alone, you are not. You can always reach out and ask for help from a friend, family or even a professional – coach, therapist or even psychiatrist.

You are not alone. Ask the Universe and you shall receive.

7- Success is right around the bend

Remember, the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working, it is the law! You might be getting restless or feeling impatient but trust in divine timing, the Universe knows the exact timing when to deliver your goodies to you. In the meantime, do the inner work and focus on your inner happiness and strength.

Tip – When you feel like you are losing faith in the Universe, start setting small intentions and start consciously manifesting….it will help restore your faith and own the magnetic power that you absolutely are!

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