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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Toxic relationships are something everybody fears a lot. No one wants to be in a toxic relationship but we might end up in one. People have patterns where they continuously attract a toxic relationship, toxic partners.” Our relationship is becoming toxic but we just cannot find a way to leave each other” “we are toxic for each other but we have spent 10 years together and it is very difficult to leave someone after such a long time”, “I know I have been cheated on but everybody deserves a second chance”. You must feel relatable with these situations maybe a friend went through this or a family member or you were part of such a relationship. Before even starting to think about how you can save these relationships ask yourself why do you want to save them, what is the reason behind everything that went wrong, do you want to be in this relationship or you are just forcing yourself because you think you cannot find someone better. Do you love that person or do you just want to be in familiar energy?

  Law of Attraction helps you attract what you believe in but you should be very careful of what you want to attract. Not every relationship is worth saving. Maybe that relationship ended because you were the one who had to realize your self-worth, maybe that relationship made you realize what type of partner you actually want in your life. Many people hide abusive relationships behind protection and will keep justifying no matter what. You need to be really clear about your relationship and what was the reason it ended. It is said that there is no right or wrong but according to me you can feel it in your body when something shady is about to happen, you can feel it when you know you are safe, respected and happy. You can feel it when you know you are doing right by someone. Attracting somebody who is already in another relationship doesn’t feel right, helping someone cheat on their partner doesn’t feel right. After considering every aspect if you decide to save your relationship here are 5 ways you can attract your relationship using Law of Attraction

Step1: Wipe out the old story: The most common mistake many of us make when we want to reconcile is to have the same story about your relationship and your partner. You still have all the mistakes that they have made in your mind, you still have a track of their negative traits, you still remember every argument that was not resolved. This will only lead to more toxicity. Replace your old story with a new one. This should be your dream story, one which you have always wanted, write everything down starting from the way you want your partner to behave to the way you want your relationship to be also focus on the things you need to improve in yourself. List what aspects you want in your relationship for example “We respect each other a lot “We trust each other and always work on our issues” “We have our priorities straightened out and we help each other to achieve all of our dreams and goals”. Take time and enjoy while you are writing your story after then start affirming that story every day so that it fits into your subconscious mind.

Step2: Create an abundance log: Create an abundance log of your happy emotions, you can feel loved by so many people in your life other than your partner. Every day write down every incident where you felt loved and appreciated. Just don’t write down the incident feel the way you felt when they made you feel loved. Feel the way you felt when your friend hugged you, feel the way you felt when your mother appreciated you. Maintaining an abundance log will make a shift in your energy. You will feel worthy enough for everything in life. You will feel validated and above all you will feel happy. When you feel loved you attract abundant love in your life.

Step 3: Declutter your life: Decluttering your life is the same as decluttering your room. You get rid of all the things that do not provide any value. If you have any habits like smoking, drinking a lot try to get it out of your system. Any habit, person, or situation which is making you feel not worthy enough and not providing any type of value in your life should not have any place in your life. All of this harms your vibrations and energy which will make it difficult to attract what you desire. Your energy attracts the same energy so be careful of how you treat yourself. Replace all the bad habits with good ones.

Step 4 Visualise and feel grateful: Visualising can be so fun if you really put your mind to it. Visualizing is like acting in your favorite romantic movie. You get to feel every emotion that you want, you get to feel the happiness when you visualize your partner hugging you, kissing you, being with you just like the way you want. We all makeup so many fake scenarios when we start overthinking so why can’t we visualize exactly what we want. Once you start picturing, picture every small and important detail leave nothing out. This is your time to get what you want. Once you are done visualizing start listing down things that you are grateful for in life. This helps to attract more positivity into your life. Positivity does not mean always thinking nice thoughts, it means even if things go wrong, you look at the positive side and believe that things will look up again. Do not focus on the problem that you guys have instead focus on all the good things. List down every time you both have been there for each other, times when you thought this is the person I want to be with. Just don’t write for the sake of it write it down because you really feel that way.

Step 5 Preparation and letting go: Now all you have to do is lay back and prepare for your dream to manifest. Start clearing space for your partner if you guys lived together, go buy some gifts for them. By this point you know they are coming back to you so there is no reason why you shouldn’t prepare for it. You created a new story for yourself and your relationship, you focused on yourself not to attract your partner but for yourself, because we always attract what we feel and believe in. You have a new relationship in your life, the one that you have with yourself. You will feel complete, happy, and just enough for yourself. Let go and let Universe get the job done.

Do not forget that your faith in yourself is of utmost importance no one can say otherwise. If you have enough faith in yourself, that’s all you require to manifest whatever you want in your life.

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