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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Money has a lot of preconceived notions associated with it we have been fed since our childhood that people who have money are emotionally unstable or evil. “OH he has a lot of money he must be a spoiled brat”, “She is rich right, rich people do not value money” and the list can go on and on. Having money doesn’t make a person bad, you can be rich and be emotionally healthy. You can be rich and have a good family. You can be rich and love what you do to earn that money. Everything can be good in someone’s life. The question that always arises about rich people is “They have everything then what’s wrong, something must be wrong.” Why? Why something in their life has to be wrong. Creating your reality is all about creating what you actually want so what is so wrong with having a healthy life. When young adults start earning various misconceptions come burdening them and worsening the relationship they have with money. It becomes difficult for people to make their money stay. It’s easy for them to attract large amounts of income but it’s difficult for them to save that money or use it carefully.


The main reason you face this issue is that might be some instances in your childhood where you saw that money doesn’t necessarily stay in your family. You might remember times when you have seen your parents complain about not having enough money although there is a huge amount of income coming in. These past experiences shape up your mind and you build certain beliefs regarding money. Here are ways you can make your money stay.

  1. Recognize your pattern with money: You can use various methods to do so. Meditation is the easiest and a reliable method for this .In a deep meditation think of the first time when you felt like it’s difficult to earn money ,think of the first time when you felt no amount of money is enough for you .After the meditation there is a possibility that you realize  you are actually afraid of money .You might realize that even if the money stays it might not be there for a long time ,eventually it goes away .Recognizing your pattern and relationship with money is the first and the most important step because from here everything will change .If someone is not aware of their pattern how can you expect them to break that pattern and start a new and fresh relationship.

2. Keep a track of your expenses: Keeping track of expenses doesn’t necessarily mean tracking every penny that you spend. Start making sure that the things on which you are spending your money is meaningful to you and will help you in the future. Careless spending should be avoided if you are trying to make your money stay. For example, buying a small thing such as a journal will help you process your thoughts better, make you aware of your emotions so this has a meaning for you and is not a waste of money. If you are buying four to five phone covers, that is a waste of money because you don’t actually need four-five covers you only need one. People decide their worth and happiness based on how much money they have or they base their worth on materialistic things. Having an iPhone 12 even when you don’t need one doesn’t make you more worthy or classy. It will just satisfy your ego and that is  temporary. You don’t have to buy the most expensive bag, the most expensive house or the most expensive clothes just because that’s what cool people do. Start finding a meaning behind what you buy, this will help you avoid buying unnecessary items 

3. Change you definition of “RICH’: You can always create your own definitions. Your own definition of being happy, your own definition of being in love, your own definition of having fun, and your own definition of being rich. Start associating being rich with something that makes you feel good and positive in your life. Look around you might have a family that loves you, you might have friends who support you and have your back. If nothing works you always will have yourself. Focus on little things in life and notice what type of change they make in your life. When you start associating being rich with such things your focus will start shifting from money. That fear of money will start changing slowly and this will help you save the money you are earning and hence accomplish your goal.

4. Have a clear focus: Focus on how much you want to save and imagine it sitting in your bank account. Focus on the ways through which you earn. Is this something you are passionate about? Do you feel happy while doing this? Do you really want to get up and do what you do every day? Most people who struggle with money are not happy with their jobs or business. Once you are passionate about something that drives becomes your priority and you automatically start having faith in that idea. Money will not be the top priority, it will of course be important but your focus will shift from the lack to the satisfaction you get. This will help you raise your vibrations and attract what you want.

5. Genuine joy in others’ victories: To have something good in life you should focus on the good and not the bad. Being happy in other people’s victories raises your vibrations and puts you in gratitude mode. You shouldn’t be envious or jealous just because somebody has more money than you have. If you keep focusing on the lack and negative emotions that’s what you will end up attracting and seriously who wants that right. DO  NOT FAKE YOUR EMOTIONS just for the sake of it. People might not realize it but the energy never lies. The Universe always senses the energy you are in. Be genuinely happy for people and wish them much more love, growth, peace, and success in life.

6. Layout more than you take in: Layout your support, your time, your care for people. Money is definitely appreciated but not more than your emotions for them. When you lend someone money it is their duty to return it back. Some sense of obligation comes with it. When you take care of someone, respect them, value them, they do not feel the “need “to do the same. Instead, they WANT to support you emotionally. There is no obligation associated with this. When you give your best to people you receive more and more power to manifest whatever you want. Only when giving is positive emotion for you, you will receive more. Whatever you do genuinely will help you move further in life so as everybody says “REAL IS RARE” you can be that rare.

            These were 6 ways that help you make your money stay. Remember everything depends on the perspective you have towards the situation. Once you start changing your perspective the whole story changes. Manifestation is real and manifesting large amounts of savings is similar to attracting large amounts of income so if you can manifest your income then who says you cannot manifest your savings. Focus on your inner world and see your outer world changing for the best.

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