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How To Make Affirmations Work For You

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How To Make Affirmations Work For You

Our mind is ALWAYS listening to our thoughts, words and even text messages. So when you state that your day is going to be bad or that things are never going to work out, you tend to manifest that, as THAT becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy. Affirmations are nothing but the sentences that mostly start with I am, We are and It is followed by positive feelings and actions. They are aimed at your subconscious mind, so they, in turn, can affect your behavior, thinking patterns, habits, and even your environment. There are lots of people who practice affirmations daily in various different forms but not everyone achieves the fruits they are seeking from them. As someone who has used them for years and works with clients daily with them, hand on heart I can tell you that they work. But there are some simple tools that will ensure they are absolutely effective for you, every single time.

1 – Timing

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they do affirmations in their conscious state during the day when they are active.
For affirmations to really work they need to be aimed at your subconscious mind. And the 100% guaranteed times for the subconscious mind to be active is just when you are falling asleep at night (lights shut, tucked in bed, knowing you will fall asleep soon) and when you just wake up in the morning (slightly groggy).

2- Feeling

Words are simply words. Without the correct emotion behind them, they will never influence the change you want. For the affirmations to really work, you need to ‘feel’ them. Most people tend to get this part wrong as they are doing it just for the sake of doing it. Without adding feelings or emotions to the affirmations, they will not work for you or for anyone. Adding that ‘feeling’ will help you Act As if, which we all know is the KEY to bringing your desires alive. That is the reason, always include positive feelings into your affirmations. For example instead of stating – I am making money you might want to try – I am unbelievably abundant. You can stare at yourself in the mirror and make fists and say it with power but if you are not feeling it in your gut and in your heart, they will be as good as useless.

3- Out Aloud

When you say your affirmations out loud (doesn’t have to be screamed) it is more powerful than just saying it in your mind. There is an energetic difference between thinking and speaking. When you say your affirmations out loud, you will notice feelings in your physical being, much more than when you are thinking positive thoughts. Saying your affirmations aloud creates an intense line of connection between you, your desires, and the universe. Hearing yourself speak these powerful statements will instinctively feed them with intense emotion. When there is a level of excitement to your desires, your subconscious mind will be more likely to connect what you say with truth vibrations making your dreams become reality.

4- Repetition

We live in this instant gratification world where everything you desire (e.g.- coffee, noodles, dating apps) is available to you in minutes. But please understand, success never comes in an instant or just by taking one single step. Similarly, you need to practice affirmations daily to make them truly effective for you. Now when I say repeat it daily, I don’t mean, say it 3000 times in a day. But consistently do your affirmations every single day for a minimum of 28 days.

5- Believe

Truly, truly believe in your affirmations! Passion, excitement, and energy around your affirmations will get you into a positive vibe and make you believe that you are already living it. This is one of the biggest steps that will help you manifest your desires in no time – truly
believing that affirmations work for you and will be life transformative. If you know in your heart and gut, that these affirmations are going to be visible in your physical universe, you will
start seeing them fairly quickly.

6- Commitment and Action

Finally, don’t just practice your affirmations just to get it out of the way. You need to put the inspired action and truly be committed to desiring the changes you seek. Law of Action has to meet the Law of Attraction to actually turn your affirmations into your reality.
If you want a healthier, fitter body then you need to take the action of working out (in whatever way you like) and eating right. Or if you want to be more confident, then you need to face your fears and start speaking up in a meeting or to your boss, etc. Be consistent and determined because as I said, affirmations absolutely do work. Say them daily and ensure that you truly feel them in your heart and stomach.

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