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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

We have so many relationships in our life that we care about. Every bond in our life has a label. My friend, my partner, my family, my college mate, school mate, colleagues and so on but the most hyped and discussed relationship is the romantic relationship. People often feel romantic relationships to be more complex, difficult than any other relationship in their life. We often hear “oh boy, it’s lot of work ““everything changes once you are committed” but don’t you think romantic relationships are just like other relationships. You need loyalty, trust, respect, understanding, love. You want that other person to be there by your side when you need them. You want them to see your worst but still stay and work things out. Every relationship in your life will require work, you would want to put that amount of effort for that person and the bond that you share with them. There is a lot of difference between NEED and Want. If the person is choosing to be with you, it’s a lot more powerful.

Its so fascinating to know that there are people out there in this world with whom you will have this genuine connection which won’t feel forced. A kind of connection where you will know from the start, you will have a feeling of familiarity, your SOULMATE. The definition of soul is a persons moral or emotional nature or sense of identity. A soul mate is someone who’s presence lightens up your life. They add so much happiness in to your life that your heart starts glowing. As time passes you feel that this person is essential to you. The bond that you share with your soulmate can be the foundation of your romantic relationship but also a very deep friendship. You will know that the bond that you both share is something different, something special as if you know their energy from ages, you know how to love them, you would share many similar goals, beliefs, core values. Even if you disagree each other there will be a mutual sense of respect and understanding towards each other’s past experiences and opinions. A soulmate won’t put you down instead they will help you grow; they will support you to evolve into your highest self. They will help you to achieve your goals.

                          The most common questions regarding soulmates are

  1. Do you only have one soulmate your entire life?

You will find many people in your life with whom you will feel the soul connection. The people you connect with also represent you, your values, your vibe and your energy at that particular time. You keep growing your entire life, you won’t stay at the same place with the same energy and mindset forever. It’s not guaranteed that the people who you felt closest to in your teen years will be the same people you spend your rest of the life with. It is very common that you outgrow certain people in your life because not everyone will grow at the same speed as you. It’s important to remember that no one is at fault here, you have to make peace with the fact that everybody has a soul journey in their life which they go through and its understandable that your journey won’t match their journey.

2. Can your soulmate be someone who is not your lover?

Absolutely, your soulmate can be your friend, your parent, your sibling and someone who you recently met. It’s not about the label, it’s about the connection. The connection that you feel with them, only that connection matters. Don’t get fooled by the ideas that society is putting on you. You know what you feel. Gender, religion, race, age nothing matters when you feel that soul connection with someone. Your soulmate can be younger or elder than you. They can live in a whole different country and still end up meeting you.

3. Can a bond with your soulmate break?

Yes, A soul connection can break when it’s harming your sanity. When it’s harming you mentally, you tend to maintain distance from that person and slowly you drift away. It is never easy when a soul connection comes to an end but everyone enters your life for a reason. They might teach you something, they might help you see your worth, they might help see you how much potential you have, they might help you see what you actually want to do in life. These bonds are also labelled twin flames. There are lot of misconceptions about twin flames and soulmates. The most common one is that the bond never breaks. You should never rush into another relationship once you are separated. Please take time to heal all your scars, change your patterns, learn from the mistakes that you have made. DONT BE IGNORANT ABOUT YOUR GRIEF. Take as much time as you need. No one is running away. you are not running out of time. YOU ARE NOT MISSING OUT ON ANYTHING. If you take time and heal yourself your cleaner and higher energy will easily attract all your desires. Ask for help from your loved ones, professional therapists or your friends. This will only make the process smoother.

4. Will your soulmate ever leave you?

This question mostly arises from fears and insecurities that people have about themselves. They feel they are not worthy enough that someone actually might want to spend their entire life with them. In many cases people tend to push away or start shutting down because they simply feel that no relationship can work out, the other person won’t get how they feel and might leave them. There is no one in this world whom they could trust with their whole heart. There are so many issues that people have. Trust issues, abandonment issues, intimacy issues but if you both are willing enough to work through them your relationship will sustain forever. Always remember people in your life are acting according to the roles that you have assigned them.

Signs that you have found your soulmate

  1. You would want to share all your joyous and sad experiences with them

2. The comfort that you both will share will always make you feel fresh, relaxed and you will feel like nothing can go wrong in this world.

3. You both will have your own bubble of love and happiness; you won’t let anyone hamper it.

4. There will be mutual respect and understanding. You will have intuitions regarding them and their wellbeing.

5. You will be able to read each other’s emotions because of the level of understanding that has been built between you two.

6. You will always be protective about them even when you are not with them.

7. You will constantly think about each other’s needs.

8. You would WANT to make everything work; nothing will be forced.

9. Any conflict between you two wont crumple your bond because you will have a feeling that even if you both have different opinions you respect each other. You love and accept them for who they really are.

10. They will always make you a better person and help you grow. Not forcing you in any way but understanding you for who you really are and what you want to do in life.

11. You will always be the happiest around them even in silence. There will not be any awkward silence between you two.

12. You will connect with them emotionally, spiritually on a different level.

13. The energy that they will bring in to your life will affect every aspect of your life in a positive manner.

14. You will start to see the world in a different way, with a different perspective that will help you grow in your personal life.

15. They will love you in a way you feel loved and show their most vulnerable side.

These are few signs that show you have found your soulmate but in the end its always your energy and connection that you have with them.   Always trust your intuition and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Your highest self is always guiding you; you just have to listen and act on those signs. Never lose faith in yourself because you are your own best friend. YOU ARE WORTHY OF EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE &YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY.

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