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How to Become More Magnetic

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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

“Everything works out best-case scenario for me”

Are you feeling stuck with your manifestation? Does it feel like you’re getting nowhere even though you’re visualizing and doing your affirmations? Are you watching every video out there and trying so hard? If the answer is ‘yes,’ today is the day where you learn to become a powerhouse and a manifesting beast!

  1. Focus Inward – The world you currently live in with your circumstances, relationships and financial state is what we call a 3D world. The truth is that we live in a multiverse and we’re always jumping from one reality to another. It is so easy to get sucked in the 3D world, so the first step to focus inwards is to IGNORE the 3D reality. Manifestation is like placing an order online to get a blue shirt until it comes to you. You placed your order; you know it’s coming even if it gets stuck in customs for a few days. If you don’t like your order, you can simply order another shirt until it comes to you. The reason why you sometimes get a white shirt instead of a blue shirt is because sometime in the past you reaffirmed that white shirt. That doesn’t mean the blue shirt isn’t coming. The second step to focus inwards is to script every single night in present tense and read it out loud. Scripting is a combination of affirmations, visualization and emotionalizing – a toolbox of manifestation!
  2. Raise Your Vibration– Do something that excites you to get out of that mood that you’re in, either do an activity that you’ve been wanting to do, dance, change the environment or find something that makes you laugh! Also, practice gratitude daily! Sit down for 5-10 minutes and remind yourself of everything you’ve been blessed you to shift your focus– Your heart is beating all the time without asking it so it can keep you alive, you have shelter to keep you warm and safe, or you can be grateful for something as small as having a nice chat with a friend today and a cup of coffee!
  3. Stop Seeking Outside Validation – If you’re still seeking validation if your manifestation is working, then you still don’t trust the universe 100%. The power lies within you! Remember that you’re changing your story through scripting, and you’ve placed your order which is currently processing. Every time a negative thought crosses your mind or if you feel hesitant to say “Thank you but that’s not part of my belief system. I’ve got empires to build!” Refocus, refocus, refocus! Other’s negative beliefs about your manifestation DOES NOT have to be part of your belief system! If anything, you should tell the universe boldly “Fine. Go ahead and manifest my thoughts. I dare you!”

As a summary, you are the powerhouse and all you have to do is ignite the fire within you and take things easy. If you placed an order, it’s coming. There is absolutely no other option. Claim your power now!

It’s okay to fall apart sometimes because you’re allowed to be human. That doesn’t mean you should let yourself sink in that hole. Remember, lack of evidence isn’t evidence of lack. The universe has your back and you’re about to unleash your power!

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