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How do you let go?

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Universe works in mysterious and beautiful ways. Every time you are manifesting something, it taps into its infinite resources and infinite intelligence to deliver you whatever it is that you desire.

So, you set your intention, you did the work and now it is time to let go and let the Universe take over. But how do you let go of something that you are really attached to? Here are a few insights that might help you.

Don’t confuse two different notions: letting go does not equal to not wanting anymore of your desire. Most people mistakenly think that letting go is the same as saying ‘it’s ok Universe I don’t want it anymore’ and that is absolutely wrong. Letting go is saying – ‘Universe I trust you. Universe I know that you will find the best way to manifest my desire’. And if you cannot let go of the whens and the hows it simply means that you do not trust the Universe.

You do not have to know how your desire will manifest because 99% of the time your desire will manifest in the ways you could have never imagined, so stop questioning about it. When is even less relevant – when the energies are aligned and when you and your desire vibrate on the same level only then it will manifest physically in your life.

Identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs. Sometimes the reason we cannot let go of a desire is because we feel unworthy, and by doing so we build counter intentions to our desires.

If part of you says ‘Yes’ to a new and exciting job, amazing vacation, beautiful and fulfilling relationship, business opportunity, promotion, money and opportunities, but another part of you says ‘I am not smart/young/experienced enough, this cannot happen because of this and this, but that is too far, too much time passed by, I do not have enough money, etc.’ you are activating your limiting beliefs and instead of letting go you cling to your desire even more. You are basically affirming to yourself I want it, but I cannot have it.  And that is why your affirmations (I am healthy, I live in my dream house, I am married, I am pregnant, I am wealthy) do not work, because all you feel is lack. You need to be operating from the position of abundance and gratitude in order to manifest your desires, but never from the position of lack.

Be Patient the best is yet to come (With images) | Be patient ...

Be patient and know that good things sometimes take time. Yes it can happen that your desire comes into fruition almost instantaneously, but sometimes Universe has to clear paths – somebody needs to get fired, or go bankrupt, a house has to be built, a flight has to be cancelled, you need to go through a breakup or divorce, a train has to arrive late…in order some circumstances could fall into place. Also, before any desire can manifest on a physical level, it has to manifest on an energetic, vibrational and spiritual levels first.

Make your wants want you. Don’t chase, don’t beg, don’t feel neediness because that implies lack. If you vibrate lack you will only attract more of it. Practice gratitude and appreciation. Don’t focus on what you don’t have at the moment, instead appreciate what you’ve already got. It will take your focus off your intention and will allow the energies to flow. Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools when manifesting. It is your biggest friend and your most loyal ally. You will always attract more of what you feel.

Do not hope but believe that your desire will manifest. Hope is a beggar. You have to be absolutely sure. If you can believe with all your heart that your desire will manifest, you will never have difficulties to let go of it.

Keep your mind busy so it has less time and opportunities to ruminate – take up a new hobby, take that class that you have always wanted to, help your elderly neighbor, start doing sports, join your local community for different activities that it offers, learn something new and exciting! Focus on your desire only when you do the work and for the rest of the time be in the present moment enjoying yourself.

Always focus on the feeling. When you think about it, it is never a new car or a new job, experience, relationship itself that you are after to. What you are looking for is a feeling. It is always about how a certain person, opportunity, position, thing makes you feel. Close your eyes and define to yourself how your desire makes you feel. Does it make you feel happy, free, joyful, empowered, inspired, appreciated, proud, serene, fulfilled, secure? And now onwards focus on the feeling but not the outcome, focus on how you want to ultimately feel.

When you focus on a feeling rather than on a specific outcome you also leave room for something better. What if you asked for a Jaguar and the Universe delivered to you a brand-new and latest model of Mercedes? What if you asked for a raise and the Universe delivered to you an amazing business opportunity? What if you asked for a possibility to conceive and the Universe delivered to you twins? Would you be upset?! Always be open to something better and know and trust that the Universe will generously offer to you the best it can.

Next year I am turning 40. Quite an important milestone, right? :). In my head I started planning something really exciting and big. In fact, very BIG. I took time to make a beautiful visualization board and let all the beautiful and joyful emotions flow freely through me. Yesterday I was talking to my sister and told her my plan. I told her ‘we will celebrate my birthday in Santorini, and to go there I will hire a private jet, we will have so much fun! (Notice – not even a hint of ‘I would like to, I wish I could afford myself, maybe this year my dream will come true – no!) So, she listened enthusiastically and then she said: ‘sounds great! I would love it! But how are you going to pay for it?’ To which I smiled and said ‘That is none of my business’. That is what I call ‘letting go’. Happy manifesting!


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