There are some serious dangers in working with many of the so-called Internet guru’s when it comes to getting your ex back. The real danger is that so much of what they teach is based on gimmicks. Gimmicks are not effective in saving your marriage or getting your ex back, and the reason is simple; your relationship did not begin with gimmicks, it started with energy, vibration, attraction and passion. Over time, the vibration of your relationship began to change. Eventually your vibration and the vibration of your partner no longer matched.If you are serious about getting your ex back you need to think about vibration. chances are that you are no longer communicating physically, emotionally as well as energetically. If you have no communication, you have little chance of getting your ex back. Lack of connection explains why the two of you are not together. When two people love each other and desire to be together they first communicate on an energetic level. This is where all loving relationships begin. From this level, the relationship has the potential to move into an emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual connection. So in reality, the truth is, is that it requires more than gimmicks to re-create a new and exciting relationship. It really is not so much about getting your ex back, it is more about the creation of a new loving, passionate relationship between two people who once vibrated on the same level and have the ability to do it again, this time even better.


The Law of Attraction is always working, either for your desires or against them.   In our practice we have helped countless people rebuild a new and exciting loving relationship. Don’t ever let anyone tell you, that it is over. Most of the time when it is over, it is just a new beginning. When the Law of Attraction is properly employed no calls are needed, no texting is required, and everything just seems to fall into place, because the vibration is matched.   I am sharing a few things you can begin doing right now to change your vibration and re-attract the love of your life. Begin employing these 10 changes right away, and continue to know and believe that the two of you will soon be together again.

  1. Think positive but remember that positive thinking alone is not enough. The Universe responds to feelings and as such feelings are more important. What you feel on a constant basis is what you are attracting. Therefore it is vital that you focus on feelings of love, happiness, joy, and reconciliation. This is what you truly desire to attract, so this is what your must feel.

  3. Don’t listen to family, friends, and or especially psychics. Your family and friends have your best interest at heart, but they do not know your desires. As you listen to them, you open yourself up to their thoughts becoming your thoughts. Especially stay away from psychics.

  5. Do not call or text all the time. There is nothing to be gained in texting all the time. We want to talk when there is something new to say, but not until. Give the situation some space.

  7. Do not beg, ask for pity, argue, or throw a fit. Naturally this should go without saying. You are expressing the most ugly, low vibrational side of yourself when you beg. Attraction is never based on begging.

  9. Do not allow your ex to walk all over you. Have some self-esteem. When you allow your ex to walk all over you, you become much less attractive. Remember, with the Law of Attraction you get what you put out. Put out some self-respect, and positive energy and you can expect to eventually begin getting the same in return.

  11. Practice Law of Attraction Creative Visualization several times a week. Creative Visualization is one of the most important daily practices you can engage in. Find a Meet-up group that teaches visualization or consider investing in our easy to use program.

  13. Set clear intention of what you really desire in your new relationship. It is important not to think about getting back together, but rather about the two of you creating a new and loving relationship together. You need to have a clear idea of what this relationship will be like, how it will be new, and how it will grow and evolve.

  15. Exercise your body, get plenty of rest and eat clean. Now is the time to get serious about your body. You may be under some additional stress, so pamper yourself with some exercise, rest, and good food. Focus on feeling attractive. Remember the Universe responds to feelings.

  17. Communicate with your ex on an energy level. Focus on sending you’re ex some positive energy, energy like forgiveness, love, passion, and excitement. You can do this by simply focusing on it nightly. For more information on advanced methods of energy communication write us at:

  19. Create a heart Chakra connection. Take a few minutes each day to open your heart center and to connect with your ex. The way you do this is to visualize a beautiful pink ray connecting from your heart to your partner’s heart center. Send feelings of love, happiness, joy, and forgiveness.

This is a unique time in your life. If you reach an inner level of knowing that everything is going to be as you desire or even better, than you can use this time to empower your life in areas you may have ignored before. Often clients will begin to develop a strong interest in the Law of Attraction, spirituality, or healing, or some other important life area. Focusing on empowering your life serves to make you not only more attractive, but also more magnetic.


If you are interested in learning more about what you can do, and how to get you’re ex back, consider our Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching program. This is where you work one on one with a trained Miracle Mentor to bring about a real and loving miracle in your life.


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