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Get Your Ex Back With the Law of Attraction

Law of attraction

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

There are some serious dangers in working with many of the so-called Internet guru’s when it comes to getting your ex back. The real danger is that so much of what they teach is based on gimmicks. Gimmicks are not effective in saving your marriage or getting your ex back, and the reason is simple; your relationship did not begin with gimmicks, it started with energy, vibration, attraction and passion. Over time, the vibration of your relationship began to change. Eventually your vibration and the vibration of your partner no longer matched.If you are serious about getting your ex back you need to think about vibration. chances are that you are no longer communicating physically, emotionally as well as energetically. If you have no communication, you have little chance of getting your ex back. Lack of connection explains why the two of you are not together. When two people love each other and desire to be together they first communicate on an energetic level. This is where all loving relationships begin. From this level, the relationship has the potential to move into an emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual connection. So in reality, the truth is, is that it requires more than gimmicks to re-create a new and exciting relationship. It really is not so much about getting your ex back, it is more about the creation of a new loving, passionate relationship between two people who once vibrated on the same level and have the ability to do it again, this time even better.


The Law of Attraction is always working, either for your desires or against them.   In our practice we have helped countless people rebuild a new and exciting loving relationship. Don’t ever let anyone tell you, that it is over. Most of the time when it is over, it is just a new beginning. When the Law of Attraction is properly employed no calls are needed, no texting is required, and everything just seems to fall into place, because the vibration is matched.   I am sharing a few things you can begin doing right now to change your vibration and re-attract the love of your life. Begin employing these 10 changes right away, and continue to know and believe that the two of you will soon be together again.

  1. Think positive but remember that positive thinking alone is not enough. The Universe responds to feelings and as such feelings are more important. What you feel on a constant basis is what you are attracting. Therefore it is vital that you focus on feelings of love, happiness, joy, and reconciliation. This is what you truly desire to attract, so this is what your must feel.

  3. Don’t listen to family, friends, and or especially psychics. Your family and friends have your best interest at heart, but they do not know your desires. As you listen to them, you open yourself up to their thoughts becoming your thoughts. Especially stay away from psychics.

  5. Do not call or text all the time. There is nothing to be gained in texting all the time. We want to talk when there is something new to say, but not until. Give the situation some space.

  7. Do not beg, ask for pity, argue, or throw a fit. Naturally this should go without saying. You are expressing the most ugly, low vibrational side of yourself when you beg. Attraction is never based on begging.

  9. Do not allow your ex to walk all over you. Have some self-esteem. When you allow your ex to walk all over you, you become much less attractive. Remember, with the Law of Attraction you get what you put out. Put out some self-respect, and positive energy and you can expect to eventually begin getting the same in return.

  11. Practice Law of Attraction Creative Visualization several times a week. Creative Visualization is one of the most important daily practices you can engage in. Find a Meet-up group that teaches visualization or consider investing in our easy to use program.

  13. Set clear intention of what you really desire in your new relationship. It is important not to think about getting back together, but rather about the two of you creating a new and loving relationship together. You need to have a clear idea of what this relationship will be like, how it will be new, and how it will grow and evolve.

  15. Exercise your body, get plenty of rest and eat clean. Now is the time to get serious about your body. You may be under some additional stress, so pamper yourself with some exercise, rest, and good food. Focus on feeling attractive. Remember the Universe responds to feelings.

  17. Communicate with your ex on an energy level. Focus on sending you’re ex some positive energy, energy like forgiveness, love, passion, and excitement. You can do this by simply focusing on it nightly. For more information on advanced methods of energy communication write us at:

  19. Create a heart Chakra connection. Take a few minutes each day to open your heart center and to connect with your ex. The way you do this is to visualize a beautiful pink ray connecting from your heart to your partner’s heart center. Send feelings of love, happiness, joy, and forgiveness.

This is a unique time in your life. If you reach an inner level of knowing that everything is going to be as you desire or even better, than you can use this time to empower your life in areas you may have ignored before. Often clients will begin to develop a strong interest in the Law of Attraction, spirituality, or healing, or some other important life area. Focusing on empowering your life serves to make you not only more attractive, but also more magnetic.


If you are interested in learning more about what you can do, and how to get you’re ex back, consider our Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching program. This is where you work one on one with a trained Miracle Mentor to bring about a real and loving miracle in your life.


If this article has helped you leave a comment and follow us on Instagram @lawofattractionsolutions. To get started transforming your life with a Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Success program CLICK HERE.

56 Responses

  1. As you know Robert, this is my number one desire….getting back with him or something better. I’ve worked hard to raise my vibration but I greatly enjoyed these practical steps. There is something nice about being able to read these over and over again. I think I will read these at least once a day to remind myself the influence I do have over my life and my feelings. I desire to feel that love and that joy in reconciliation. I desire to bring a higher vibration into a new and loving relationship. It is difficult to listen to all my friends and sometimes even therapists say “good that you aren’t talking!”, my heart instantly hurts just hearing that. I’m grateful to know that giving space is necessary for sure, but I can still feel that negativity so strongly when they are joyful in my pain or at least that’s what it feels like to me. I don’t really argue with them anymore, but that’s how I truly feel about it. As I head out to yoga, I am going to connect deeply with myself and plant seeds of love, joy and reconciliation. I desire to move past the stage of apology and guilt and move into the stage of feeling attractive again.

    1. I think it is important to focus on attracting him into your near future rather than to “get back”. I know that is the title of the article. We had to write it that way to please the search engines. If there was love once, there will be love again. As for negative thoughts, that is fine, we all get them. The key is to never emotionalize them.

      1. Hi Robert, I like your posts and youtube videos a lot, thank you for those. I really would love to know and learn how i can focus on attracting my ex back into my near future. We broke up two years ago and there is no communication between us since then and also havent seen him since the break up, though we live in the same city! I did try to reach out to him about a year ago but he never responded to my emails/texts and calls unfortunately (we had a bad break up). I still love him very much deep down and I really would love to attract him into my life soon and re-create a new loving passionate committed relationship between us. Could you please give me some advices reg how I can do this successfully? I would be very grateful to you for this help and would appreciate very much. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.

    2. Maura,
      Trust me I have heard many people tell me and “try” to implant their limiting beliefs in my head! Starting with my parents. They believe they know what is right for me and what I should do as far with my lover, but what they don’t understand is that I AM the one manifesting and co-creating my life with the universe, not with them, I am the owner of my thoughts and my feelings.
      I have learned to reject any negative comments they may tell me and I shut the conversations down, and move on.
      It’s a journey and there might be road blocks along the way and I like to challenge them and know that I will succeed, but the best thing is that this is the best thing happening, we are creating our life!

    3. I can tell you my prior relationship situation seemed dire when I came to LOAS. Within minutes of speaking with Robert, I felt a range of emotions. From overwhelming calm and happiness, I made the decision to seek LOAS, to a bit angry with myself, I did not find Robert and Rachael Zink sooner. However, the universe as I am learning, brought LOAS and the Zinks to me when I let go of old patterns, and prepared myself to accept positive change, and abundant love into my circle. There is no doubt the universe provides what we desire. My relationship with my love is well on its way to a beautiful new beginning. I know this to be a fact, because the signs have become abundantly clear, and the positivity that has been fueling my daily life. This is not hocus pocus. Its very real, and a much better way to live life.

  2. hey Robert!

    thank you for your service in mentoring on how to get my ex back. as i had messaged you before, i had a dream that my ex had messaged me few nights ago, and your reply was “it is time to build a bridge.”

    what do you mean by that?

    1. Experiencing a dream about your ex is a very good indication that your time together is not over. The two of you have more to do together. Your ex is seeking communication with you. Building a bridge is about keeping the door open and making your ex-feel comfortable to contact you when he/she feels ready. The time is near, be patient.

      1. hello, i am very greatful that i tried the trick of law of attraction i.e i note down a particular date in my diary that he will call me before that mentioned date. and i am surprised he did the same but still a gap a lack of love exist between us. how can i get back the person as earlier he was.

      2. Sir I am having problem in visualisation. I can’t put my feelings when I am visualising all I could visualise is her pics nothing more. I want to visualise all the healthy and joyful moments but I end up with her pics only nothing more. What should I do?

      3. Hi Robert I dreamt about my ex 3 times in a row since months.. Even suddenly out of the blue my daughter said daddy your girlfriend will come back she loves and misses you.. BTW we are not in contact since 5 weeks… What does this mean.?

  3. Hello,
    I am really trying to get over my ex fiancé, without getting over him, if that makes sense.
    We were together years, recently engaged and recently just moved into a new place together.
    Your site isn’t the first place I had read that I need to let go to get him back. I understand that concept, it is just
    Really hard to do. I’ve gotten better little by little, but I would like to know how to use the law of attraction a little bit better for my situation.
    It’s hard to be positive and let go when I was supposed to get married in 6 months, and now I’m alone. I have not contacted him in
    One month. I have send my love and energy a few times, but I’m not sure if I did it right. I’m trying to get my mind an attitude right as well,
    And not being negative. It’s challenging.

  4. Hi how are you?

    I found your testimony online and I wanted to get some advice from you. I negatively impacted a break up between me and my boyfriend 2 years ago. I thought and assumed he was doing things until he actually did it and than we broke up. The very thing I didn’t want to happen, happened and fastword till today I still love him and still want to be with him. I would do anything to get him back, and for us to have a happy and fulfilled relationship with each other. But I don’t know how to use the law of attraction, to get him back. We currently live together, in LA and it kills me every single time he says that I am just his friend, when I want more. He told me in order for things to even work I need to change myself and change things about me for him to even consider going back out with me. He’s never went back out with any of his exs and I know we have a bond because if we didn’t he wouldn’t be here with me. I don’t know what to do in this situation for us to get back together we already live together so what can I do in this situation?

  5. What happens when you’re trying to attract an ex and the only time they text you is saying negative things. Should I ignore this?

  6. Hello !
    Hopefully this steps will help me get a loved one back and better. He suffers from depression and lives in another state. People tell me to let him go for those 2 reasons. But my heart can’t. I haven’t heard from him in 6 days and he rejects or block my calls. I have asked the Universe and God to take care of him, as I can. But I want him to know how much I love him and desire to be in a better place and state of mind. I want him in my life better and stronger.

  7. Robert your wisdom in all this from all the reading I have been doing, is perhaps the most comforting and sound! I like your perspective and encouragement for those of us dealing with break ups. I just wanted to tell you that I am feeling encouraged from listening to your podcasts and reading your blogs. I pray that you stay blessed to continue your good works. To me, you’re an angel

  8. Sir Robert I am unable to visualise my ex. All I visualise is her pics only nothing else. I want to visualise a happy and joyful relationship with her. Everything that will put that spark again. Need help regarding visualisation.

  9. My ex and I have seperated since 1.5 yrs
    We don’t talk much now.
    Only 3 yrs left of our college to finish.
    I am giving my best to practice LOA.
    Somedays I am charged with vibrations and on other days I am dull and negative regarding my love.
    How can I get him back?
    I really believe that we are meant to be together… We both still love each other. He’s afraid of commitment and avoids me all the time.
    Please guide me Robert!

  10. Robert: I am deeply renewed, and encouraged by your words of wisdom and personal experiences in your videos and podcasts, (I have binge watched all weekend). I know that my ex isn’t really my ex, she is here now in my heart and mind, and that by changing my vibrations, she will soon return in the physical. For me to even be able to make that statement is huge. As I was constantly filled with doubt and discourage. It may sound weird, but I hear her constantly speaking to my mind. I know what I am hearing is accurate as its regularly confirmed by what a mutual friend from their conversations. With your videos, I know matter of factly, to believe in my heart, and never doubt the feelings I know that She and I share. They are real, and they are what have driven me for nearly two years. Thank You! I am grateful for Law of Attraction Solutions!

  11. I’m currently having the same situation with you and just dreamt about him last night. I should practice the law now.

  12. Hi Robert,

    My ex broke up with me 3 months back and it’s been a very rough patch since then. I have tried to recover but to no avail. I tried to reach out to him multiple times but he vehemently denied saying that he doesn’t have feelings for me anymore and he wanted to leave me since a while. I somehow can’t beleive it. I think there was something special between us. I have made my share of mistakes but then I really want to make it work. I am in a different country now but still not over him. Although he didn’t reply to my calls or texts I kept doing that which I regret. But I really want to salvage this and put everything behind. Please help! I am trying the energy and vibration bit but I think I am not doing it correctly.

  13. Hello Robbert I need your help in creating new love and relationship with my Ex as he is very clear that he doesn’t love me and ya son feelings for me also his entire family is against me…I need an affirmation to attack him and his mother….I feel very low and keep thinking about him everyday keep crying and not able to focus on other things please help

  14. Hello Robert My Name is Earl Wilson first and foremost I want to thank you for even being such a positive understanding of what the law of attraction is… Secondly I desire more than anything I can think to desire only to do right by this woman and of course to do right by myself for myself but we have been broken up for a little over three months now or four months I have already broken all of the laws as in don’t bag giving space don’t call or text all the time I’ve already done all that stuff and it’s made things worse but I truly do believe in my heart that someday I will have her back I’m not really quite sure what to do but every time I think of her it’s with every ounce of Joy I can think of and something in my heart will not let me disconnect from her I’ve tried time and time again but I can’t… I have loved no one in my entire life more than I have loved this woman and I can’t really see myself loving any other woman more than her but I want to make sure that when we do come back together our vibrations are in alignment and stay in alignment please Robert with whatever bit of guidance you can give on a regular basis please help me!!!!

  15. Any extra info for doing this while living with an ex? For 3-4 days I do very well (I know I have a long way to go to raise my vibration since I was in a depressive state months, maybe years before we broke up; this amazing man stood by me as long as he could), but then I overhear him having ‘guy talk’ with friends which brings we down. He’s also attracted to a mutual friend of ours who’s into him as well…her situation is exactly the same as ours pretty much. I understand he is dealing with our breakup in his own way and I am giving him the space to do so. I am learning to give unconditional love so that when we’re both ready we will come together again.

  16. Hellooo, i was ghosted after a breakup message late in september. Needless to say my following actions may have made things worse, as she blocked my number in November. You could go so far as to say that i attracted the exact breakup scenerio i was dreading with my fears and anxiety. Never in my life have i exprienced such a connection and love for someone, and never have i exprienced such pain. I mean i literally just wanted to just die in my sleep.

    I stumbled upon law of attraction last month, and ever since then ive been doing meditations, visualisations, affirmations, listening to subliminal and frequency vids/audio, what did i have to loose?!?. All to raise my vibrations, getting rid of negative and limiting beliefs. Its been roughly 30ish days since i started. Havent heard from her yet. But the process has put me in a much better mindset, its helped me through this. Happily and positively looking forward to the manifestation of my visualisations. I love your saying “if you loved once, and loved deeply, you can love even greater the second time around.” Because its true!
    I do have quite a few questions, with so many techniques, which do i apply? Do i apply all? By applying all does it counter the “let it go” part? How do i know the right frequency stuff to listen to for me? etc.

  17. hello robert thanks for these wonderful suggestions. robert i was very negative for last few months since my girlfriend left the city and eventually she started dating with some one other the worst part is she has her whole identity i felt like her brain has been washed by the new person she wasn’t the one anymore. now since our family was involved in this everything got manipulated now both families hate each other i firmly believe that she is my twinflame bt the matter of fact to heal everyone heart takes time i am excited to know if i manifest her back how would i b able to raise vibration of everyone else in family . please answer its important i live her in my heart and love her every second

  18. Hi Robert!
    I am your loyal follower both on social media and for all your learning imparted in the videos! I am self training to meditate/ manifest and visualize to get my Ex back. To give you a brief of my story we were together for almost 4 years and were very happy, when the time came he spoke to his parents of our wish to be married and his parents especially mother out right rejected because of our age difference (I am 7 years older to him). We both are badly impacted by this. Unfortunately Neeraj tried his best to reason with his parents but they are not willing to even understand of listen to him and he does not want to go against his parents and take any decision. Which even I do not agree with as a relationship as pious as marriage blossoms with the blessings of parents. He is hurting and hurting bad and so am I , we were in live in relationship for 3 years and now living separate since April. I am positive and not letting any negativity effect me. I would like to know what should I be doing to make sure we both are happy married with the blessings of our parents! My parents are very much approving of Neeraj. Can you please guide.
    Awaiting you reply.


  19. You had mentioned staying away from psychics. What if the psychics say he will contact again? Is that bad ?

  20. Robert I am very depressed since few months back. I met a person we were very happy together .it was a long distance but we were very close. But now things have changed he is no longer loves me. Initially he was caring loving. But I love and care for him. I have tried your 44*4 technique. I want a loving relationship with him. But now he rarely talk to me. He talks with everyone else other than me. Please suggest something. We were never in a relationship but something more than friends. But now I want to be in relationship with him

  21. I’m learning from your YouTube videos how to manifest my ex back but I am confused in one area. Should I somewhat ignore him while doing so? Seems like if I don’t reach out to him he feels I don’t care but I want to attract him back so that he wants me again as his in a committed relationship. So that I’m not the only one putting the energy and we can work through our obstacles. Seems like he will give after he’s upset me and then I’m not wanting to receive. I’m not sure what to do.

  22. Hi Robert, i and my boyfriend have a gentle issue, i am an AS and he is AC and he broke up with me based on that, he still loves me, he doesn’t believe anything can be done but through your videos I’ve been able to believe he will come back to me, but sometimes the donuts come, pls i really need your help. Thank you so much.

  23. Hey, thank you for the advice!
    My lover and I go parted 7 months ago from a 6.5-year relationship. I have been scripting, meditating, using removal technique, quantum – two cup method and manifesting daily for about 2 months now.
    I recently had a dream of him and then a few days later found a tracksuit bottom of mine, which he borrowed and it still smelt of him – I had tears in my eyes!
    I have my graduation coming up and wanted to invite him but I’m afraid of what my friends and family might say and I also have a message from him that I received 4 weeks ago about meeting him to collect an item of mine that he has. I am ready to declare how I feel despite the negative words exchanged and him having a third party.
    How do I go about this?

  24. hi robert me and my boyfriend living together for more than a yr… it so happened this year my boyfriend got a relationship with his co worker..thier living together now for almost a month.pls help me back my boyfriend.

  25. Hey Robert
    I want my ex back I really love him so much we brockup one month back and he said that he will never come back by I really love him I want him back I’m meditating daily and I’m not messaging him at all but it’s been a month and there is no change what should I do now?

  26. Hey Robert!

    Robert I need some help! I have been following your advice and I saw my ex, he told me he loves, me and noone is more important than me. But he did not ask me to get back. How should I proceed. I love him deeply I miss him I miss my home. I left because we broke up and it became an angry situation. Now we are more at peace and I want to go back I miss him deeply. He is my home and he loves me!:) I was so happy t hear that

  27. Hey Robert!

    I been following your guidance. I had moved out after I had issues with my ex hurting me. We have been kind of reconnecting through text, and I saw him once. He said he loves me! He said noone else matters. But he didnt ask me to come back. I miss him, I miss my home…how do I proceed

  28. I broke up with my boyfriend four months ago. We had a lack of communcation and started arguing, and suddenly we had broke up. I am new to this law of attraction. We barely have contact on facebook and the few time he is ONLY talking about himself. It is also me reaching out. Is there any Hope for us?

  29. What if I made the huge mistake of begging crying convincing already? I’ve since backed off completely. There is so much unfinished love, but there’s nothing more I can say it do. He loved me I love him. We’re both scared of going back to what it became. I sent hi an email with all the details. No response yet.
    Should I just leave him alone? We’re in our 50s. We’ve both been divorced. We’ve known each other for 42 years. We were together for the past four. HELP
    I do so much positive healthy empowering work on me and my life. I leave him alone. When do I give up? Maybe he has zero interest??

  30. What if I made the huge mistake of begging crying convincing already? I’ve since backed off completely. There is so much unfinished love, but there’s nothing more I can say it do. He loved me I love him. We’re both scared of going back to what it became. I sent hi an email with all the details. No response yet.
    Should I just leave him alone? We’re in our 50s. We’ve both been divorced. We’ve known each other for 42 years. We were together for the past four. HELP
    I do so much positive healthy empowering work on me and my life. I leave him alone. When do I give up? Maybe he has zero interest??

  31. Hi Robert,

    Does this law of attraction still works if my ex said that he doesn’t feel like he’s falling in love with me? Most of the people here have been in love with each other in my case is just one sided apparently. Can this be applied to draw him back and start something new and with love?

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