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Get Your Lover Back with the Law of Attraction


Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Answer These Questions:

Have you recently gone through a break-up?
Do you still deeply love this person?
Is your heart broken and you want him/her back?
Are you struggling to figure out what to do?

If you answered “Yes” to any one of the questions above you may be pleased to know that the Law of Attraction can help you get your lover back.

The Law of Attraction is not some nit wit dating advice.

Most of the crazy dating and get your lover back advice on the internet does not work. Stuff like don’t call your ex or call your ex after the full moon is just plain folk lore. You must change your vibration to get your lover back.

The Law of Attraction is a law which teaches that we attract based on how we vibrate.

Get you lover back with the Law of Attraction.

When you are vibrating at the frequency that you had when the two of you fell in love, you will get your lover back. Your vibration is determined by the thoughts you think and the pictures you visualize in your mind. In this way you become a magnet that literally draws your lover back to you.

For more information on becoming a magnet listen to the “The Law of Attraction” podcast. This show has been on the are since 2009.

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  1. Hey, my name is Harini I’m from India. To start with my life, I’ve struggled a lot. From my mental illness to my health all have gone downhill since 5 years. On November 2017 I met a man. He was everything I ever wanted and because there was no one who could support me emotionally I depended completely on him. And he was not the person who quite often showed affection or spoke from his heart. But even though I liked to be loved that way it wasn’t more than the love I had for him. It hit me hard when he decided to move to another city for his studies. Even though we loved each other soo much he wasn’t sure about the future as we were of different religion. But I was soo sure that this is gonna work out. After he left his absence tore me apart I got into depression, a lot of negativity inside me, I pushed people away, it came to a point where it was just him and him alone for me. My room, my bed, crying, cribbing became my comfort. I never used to go out do stuffs which I used to do. But still he stayed with me. He was always busy and now he couldn’t support me mentally and he was not physically present with me. I couldn’t run to him when I was low, I couldn’t text him if I missed him, or couldn’t call him when I wanted to as he was never available for me. But he was still there with me supporting through whatever I had to go through. The relationship became worse in December, this was the first time he told me if I’m not gonna change he would leave me. The one person I loved the most spoke something which I couldn’t bare. I tried to prove that I was good and getting better. But in this process my anxiety became soo high that if he didn’t text me for a while I would think he’s going to leave me and go. This started making me paranoid. I became clingy, jealous, doubtful, selfish. He put up with me through all these things. But what he said earlier that he would leave me was struck in my head. That fear started following me all through day and night. This went for days, weeks and months. Living with the constant fear made me go crazy and I couldn’t let go of negativity that was inside me. During this I was aware of law of attraction, I used to watch videos to make myself better and everytime I thought I am better and yes I am gonna end up with this guy, something inside me used to trigger him and he would end up telling me it might not work out. That used to make me devastated and all my trust in the God and Universe used to break into pieces. Sometimes I used to think that he is my negative energy because everytime I would think something positive about our future he would break it down and there was a weird thought in my head that I have to get rid of this negative energy from me. Days passed and one day when he was in his native we had a huge fight and finally he decided to not to stay with me. He told me that I was a burden in his life and that he wants to stay away from me. But when I remember the first days of our relationship I was magnificent that I made a man who was never serious about anything or getting into relationship, fall in love with me. And I still believe there is something inside me that will bring him back. And that we will be together again. I haven’t let go of my beliefs. Because I know he is going to come back. Now I feel light that I know what’s gonna happen in the end. That he is for me and I am for him. So I am waiting for the Divine time and trusting the process. I surrendered myself and when I did it calmed me down soo much. I keep getting signs where I feel the universe is telling me go ahead you are on the right path and I am right beside you.
    Is there anything else that I could do to make this process more powerful to see the results? If so please guide me with this. I am soo grateful that I found your channel. Thank you soo much for everything. With loads of love.

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