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Four Ways To Make Space For New

Make Space For New Love

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

There is nothing more powerful, more beautiful, and more transformative than LOVE. True love is unconditional, humble, and enlightening. It gives meaning to our life and helps us to open our heart in the ways we never knew it was possible. Loving relationships make our lives soar high and bring sense of immense joy and freedom. It expands our hearts.

So how can you invite that beautiful vibration of love into your heart and into your life? I will give you four ways to make space for that beautiful and loving relationship that you desire and deserve. These 4 practices will help you to create that magnetic, loving space for whoever it is that you wish to welcome into your life – your soulmate, your lover, or maybe your spouse or your partner with whom you are creating a new, deep, and loving relationship.

1.   Declutter your mental and physical space.

The start of manifesting is a perfect time for releasing everything that no longer serves you. Let go of old energies, old stories, people that do not add to your life, habits, behavior patterns, limiting beliefs, declutter. When you get rid of something whether physical or not you make room for something new. You cannot invite new things and people and experiences into your life if there is no space. Anything that you do not use, that does not bring joy or make you feel good, should go.

Let’s start with physical decluttering. Your home is an extension to your energy field, that is why cleaning your home, rearranging things, and getting rid of objects that are cluttering your space or no longer serve you, can have a profound impact on your body, mind, and spirit. That is because all objects are energy and emit frequency. You especially want to declutter things that do not serve your future and that remind you of people or situations from your past that no longer resonate with you. Your home is a place where you will be spending time with your lovemate, so you will keep broadcasting a message to the Universe and your lovemate that you have made this beautiful loving space.

Why is your environment and things that you surround yourself with is so important? We all have a subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is consistently observing, listening, and processing things that are happening around us. Therefore, it is important to surround yourself with things, symbols, and images that make you feel good and invoke a good higher vibrational feeling or emotion inside of you. By simply passing by it every day or looking at it, your subconscious mind will be activated and will be helping you to manifest everything that you desire.

In between the two worlds – the physical and the mental you have the digital world and social media. It holds so much clutter.

On your phone – text messages, threads of conversations, pictures of your old lovers, people you fell out with ages ago, fake friends, ex-lovers, ex friends with benefits, numerous crushes with no potential, useless accounts. You get the idea. All that is draining your energy and taking space in your mind and your energy field also your phone memory space. Ask yourself – why am I still holding onto it? And make a conscious decision to make space for your soulmate by deleting all that clutter.

Next step is mental decluttering. Make a list of things that no longer serve you – habits, behavior patterns, situations, negativity, resentment, lower vibrational emotions, think if you hold any limiting beliefs about yourself and your romantic relationships (I am not enough, I am not worthy of love, they will leave me eventually, my relationships do not last, I only attract emotionally unavailable partners and so on), and then burn the list release it into the fire and commit with all your heart to start showing up more and more as that new person and practicing new and empowering beliefs about yourself and your relationships.

And finally, you need to let go of your past. Our past has its story, its charm, victories, lessons but it also has its pain, mistakes, regrets; our past has its energy and unless you want that energy in your future, you should really close the door on your past and make peace with it. Otherwise, you will be using that past energy for creating your future. And I believe that it is not what you desire.

2. Stop resisting your current situation.

What you resist, persists. As a co-creator you should remember that your current circumstances do not matter. So please stop resisting them. Because if you are not happy with your current situation, and you are pushing against it, then all your creative energy that you have and that you could use for manifesting your dreams and desires goes into reinforcing the situation that you do not enjoy. You attract more of what you feel.

You are not creating space for your soulmate, for your lover, but you are taking all that space and filling it with the negative vibrations. You are repelling. You don’t want to push against not having a relationship, not having met yet your soulmate, or your current relationship not working. You need to focus on where you are going and what you deserve and what you desire.

Sometimes that requires work on yourself: you need to get yourself in the right state by saying and by reminding to yourself –  I deserve incredible love, I AM worthy of a beautiful and loving relationship, I am destined to be with my soulmate. Sometimes you need to work on reprograming your subconscious beliefs. Be patient, determined and compassionate with yourself.

When you see happy couples what thoughts do you think? Do you think “everyone is happy except me, everyone is enjoying relationship except me, why I am still on my own? Nobody loves me, nobody wants me, I will die alone, I am so lonely…” Or do you rejoice for them and say YES with all your heart to that beautiful vibration that you see and feel between that couple, and say – that’s me soon, and enjoy that beautiful and peaceful knowing that in the divine timing you will be in this beautiful loving and fulfilled relationship. Because that’s exactly what you are doing when your heart is open – you are inviting it into your life.

If you are single enjoy your life, focus on making yourself happy, because happiness attracts more happiness, and focus what on what kind of relationship you desire to manifest. If you are in a relationship and it is a bit shaky now, and you desire to rekindle the fire, the love, your bond, then make a list of things, qualities, and character traits that you appreciate in your partner focus on them. And if or when your partner does or says something that you appreciate compliment him or her for it. Swear by that list. Speak it, think it, notice it, live it. And now onwards, look for the evidence of the qualities of your partner that you have listed, day in and day out and rejoice and be grateful when you see the evidence of it. 

Start being grateful for the relationship that is coming into your life, the relationship that is taking new shape and is being reborn. Gratitude even if it is imaginary changes your energy field in a very powerful way. What you will be doing is instead of taking up the space with things that do not work and resisting them you will attract things that you desire through your focus on them.

3.   Get clear on what you desire.

Your clear intention is like a lighthouse in the dark that shows the way to your soulmate, to your lover.  It all begins with getting crystal clear about what you desire. A lot of people desire to attract their soulmate and be in a loving relationship or marriage, but they don’t know what it looks like, what it feels like, and what is relevant to them and their perfect relationship.

The first step to attracting your soulmate is getting clear about what you want, because clarity creates certainty. Not only clarity creates certainty, but it also creates magnetism for your specific person. Think of clarity as of a laser ray. Its sharp and focused. So now instead of attracting everything and everybody into your life because you want to attract a “relationship” or a “soulmate”, or you wish to go back to your “marriage” now you have made space for a very specific kind of relationship and a certain type of person. Now you will be broadcasting a very specific energy and vibration to the Universe and guess what? It will bring you exactly what you asked for!

Without clarity there is no certainty, there is no space and no magnetism.  When you have a clear idea about the kind of relationship you desire to experience, then when somebody new shows up in your life you will know if it is your person or not.

Take time to contemplate and connect with your heart and your soul. Ask yourself what is that you truly desire in a relationship. Write it down. Allow yourself to dream and don’t settle. Don’t settle for crumbs take the bakery. Then take time to reconnect often with that lovemate energy. Open your heart and allow your heart to shine. Your heart’s magnetism will be increasing every time you will be revisiting it. That clear intention of yours will keep broadcasting the following message to the Universe – here is what I desire and deserve, here is what I made space for, and am ready to receive.

4.   Use rose quartz to open your heart chakra

Because the more open your heart chakra is, the greater is your capacity for love. The more open you are, the more love you can both give and receive.

Rose quartz is the crystal of peace and unconditional love, it vibrates at a very high love frequency and has the power to shift your vibration and open your heart to love. This stone also promotes self-love that is important and indispensable when we are looking to attract our soulmate, because all the relationships start with us first.

Four ways to use rose quartz.

  1. Place a piece or a few pieces of raw rose quartz in your bedroom, under your bed or your night table. I sometimes place it under my pillow when I sleep. It will help you to attract new love or renew existing love relationship, depending on your intention.
  2. Drink rose quartz water. If you follow our channel, you have heard us speak about the work of Japanese researcher Dr. Emoto. He has proved that water has consciousness and takes on your energy and your intentions. Emotions and strong clear intentions will impress upon water and when you consume it, it begins to change your energy field on a cellular level from the inside out. It changes your energy field in a magical way.

To make rose quartz water use a glass jar, because glass has a higher frequency than plastic and use good quality water. Put some raw rose quartz, pour the water, and let it infuse over the night. Drink it in the morning and watch love come to your life. (Attention – not all the rocks are suitable for making high vibrational water! This article speaks about rose quartz only.)

  • Wear a rose quartz pendant. This way your heart chakra will be bathing all the time in the beautiful energy of this loving stone. It will help you to clear, heal and balance your heart chakra. A healthy love chakra will enable you to love deeply.
  • Do affirmations for love and relationship while you hold your rose quartz stone. Use affirmations like –

I am worthy of incredible love; I am always attracting the love of my life; I draw my soulmate closer to me day by day; the one I desire also desires me; the one I love also loves me; our marriage/relationship is growing and more passionate as each day passes; the person I love sees me as a source of joy, happiness, love and romance; I am magnetic and therefore my lovemate is deeply attracted to me.

Love is the most beautiful gift that you can give to yourself and others. All you need to do is to invite it into your life by making space for it in your head, in your heart and in your life. And once you do – expect beautiful miracles of all kinds!

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