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Four-Step Kabbalistic Approach to Achieving Your Desires in Life

The 4 Worlds

There are no shortcuts to manifestation. Whenever we want to achieve something in life, we have to go through a process.

Based on the Kabbalistic approach of connecting spirit, soul, mind, and the physical world, there are four steps to creating anything you desire.

Origination – an idea or a thought. For example, starting your business, fixing your credit, or buying a house.

Creation – giving life to your idea or thought i.e. creating a plan of action.

Formation – bringing your idea to fruition.

Expression – materializing your idea.

To do something, you have to come up with an idea, create a plan, take action and watch it materialize. You know how Robert Zink always says, “There is no attraction without action”? This is exactly that.

These steps contribute to the overall end result of your manifestation. Even if you don’t see anything happening, you can’t skip any of these steps! A lot of things have to happen in the universe for things to turn out the way they want.

Here Are Some Practical Modern Day Examples


Most people wonder why they fail. This is because they jump from one thing to the next, forgetting that there is a learning curve that they need to go through first. When ideas and thoughts float in our minds, they stay in the origination phase i.e. the idea of wanting to pay down credit card debt. Some people have intentions to do this, but they never make a plan.


The only way to do something about your idea is to push it into the creation stage. This is where you start taking some form of action. For example, you will gather data on all the credit cards that require repayment and make a note of the outstanding credit.


As you move into the formation stage, you begin taking action i.e., you start saving some money from your paycheck every month, you don’t eat out for a few months, and avoid spending money on things you don’t need.


This brings you to the last stage of the Kabbalistic process i.e. expression. Your idea begins materializing into reality. You actually start paying down your credit card debt one by one until you have no debt left.

Remember that each stage comes with its own time period. Stay in it as long as it is required for you to fully complete that stage. How fast things happen for you really depends on the universe, the opportunities it brings, and the faith that you have that your hopes, dreams, and desires will come to fruition!

When you want to create something new in the future, follow these four steps so your ideas can materialize into reality.

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