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Five Easy Law of Attraction Hacks

law of attraction hacks

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Need some simple approaches to putting the Law of Attraction in your day to day life?  You are about to be amazed at how easy the Law of Attraction works for you. I use several of these methods, and I am constantly shocked at how effective they are.

Here are five approaches to get the LOA juices streaming your way, without even lifting a cognizant creative finger:

1. Empowering Passwords: Change your secret word; change your life.

Yes, a secret password truly is that intense and effective in awakening the Law of Attraction. Any time you login to an email account or site, you have an opportunity to empower your life. Utilizing a correctly formated “affirmation like” password keeps the Law of Attraction working in your favor.  Transform the “hassle of logging in” into an intense confirmation of your desires and goals. Imagine, every time you use your password, you will be awakening the Law of Attraction.

Do you desire cash? Ask yourself what you’ll say when you check your bank account and see there is more than you expected. Now transform that expression into an empowering password:




Drawing in new love? Use these loving passwords:




Perhaps you’re building a rockin’ summer body. Get started with a killer affirmation password:




Whatever you’re making your password, add some enchantment by making a secret word that mirrors your desired prosperity. Each time you enter the password you adjust to an increase into that reality.

2. Screen savers, Backgrounds, and Wallpapers

In case you’re similar to most manifestors, your vision board is either nonexistent, obsolete, or covered in the back of a storage room.

Be that as it may, you can give your eyes a chance to devour your coveted outcomes by giving your screens something to do.

Regardless of whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, a portable PC, desktop or some other gizmo, you’re likely taking a gander at some electronic gadget consistently. How many times a day are your eyes fix on that screen? All that time might as well be seeing your dreams and desires. Make your screen saver something that will fire you up. It’s astonishing how well that functions. One person I know had on their screen saver that money comes easily and often.  As of today their business is very successful and making a pile of cash.

3. Ringtones and Notifications

On the off chance that you don’t have a sound affirmation that makes you grin or gives you upbeat ear energy, you should change it to something motivating and exciting. Accepting a call or getting a text-based notification is a simple chance to give yourself a vibrational lift!

Programming your computerized alarms is too great a chance to leave behind! As your goals manifest, switch your sounds to keep the vibes high every time you get an approaching call, email or notification.

4. Mirror mirror on the wall

How frequently do you wash your hands or brush your teeth before your mirror?  Now when you wash up, you will be empowering your dreams and goals at the same time.

Each time you stand in front a mirror is a pearl of an opportunity to juice up your vibe.  Use sticky notes or mirror markers to write your incantation on the mirror. You might use one of the following statements:

Hello great lookin’!

Who do you cherish?

I am empowered to accomplished all my goals.

Reflective messages are simple approaches to get the Law of Attraction to provide positive contemplations inside your subconscious mind.


5. Charge Your Beverage with Intention

On the off-chance that you haven’t studied Dr. Emoto’s work with messages set on water, the results of his experiments are absolutely amazing. In a nutshell, he proved that water absorbs the energy of the words or sounds which it is exposed to. So get out a marker to write your most loved words on your water container or espresso mug.

Whatever vitality you seek to fill yourself with, compose it on your drinking glass. For example words like “cherish, peace, bliss, love, money, or career” can be infused into your drink of choice.


Those are only five approaches to optimize yourself into a higher vibration. What are your simple daily habits that get the Law of Attraction working to support your intentions without lifting a finger?  Share them here in the comments. As we share we empower each other.


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