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Everyone is You Pushed Out

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Everyone is You Pushed Out

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi.

“Everyone is You Pushed Out” is a concept that’s discussed a lot in the Law of Attraction community that was established by the famous influencer Neville Goddard. This concept explains that everyone in your world is a mirror of your inner conversations, your beliefs, your assumptions, and your self-love, but how?

From the ages 0 to 7, we’re sponges to the environment we grow up in. We soak in everything we hear and see, and that’s how our belief system is created from a young age. That’s how we get into relationships with people who treat us a certain way. The relationships we see at home and the conversations we hear shape our future perceptions of what a relationship is. Dig deep into your past, especially your childhood to find out the beliefs you came to believe. Because someone must have abandoned you in the past to think that people always leave. Obviously it’s not your responsibility if someone cheated on you, that’s on them. However, the concept of “Everyone is You Pushed Out’ explains that this happens because of the affirmations that we keep repeating. Affirming that people always let you down, that everyone has an awful side of them, that you always get less than you deserve or if you have trust issues from the past betrayal that’s why you end up attracting the unwanted versions of people.

Yes, I did say ‘versions of people.’ Quantum physics has proved that there are infinite realities out there, and that’s why there are different versions of us out there. Everything in this world is made of atoms and atoms are empty space. Everything is energy and that’s all. You can look into the double-slit experiment and the string theory to understand the science behind alternate realities. Long story short, people have free-will, but we attract the version of them depending on our internal dialogue, self-image, assumptions about people and our beliefs. As Bob Proctor said, “If you see it in your mind. You’ll hold it in your hand.”

Think of a specific person that you’re trying to attract and ask yourself the emotions you feel when you think about them and how do you expect them to show up and treat you? The answer to this question is what you’re already attracting. This applies to all of your relationships. Everyone is just a reflection of us, so if you’re finding it hard to change your beliefs through scripting and affirmations, start by changing your assumptions. Assume that this person is realizing that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to them. Write down a list of assumptions and read them out loud. Now, don’t take this as a chance to be self-destructive or to punish yourself, instead, take this as an opportunity to be grateful that this person made you realize what subconscious beliefs you hold. Realize that you are powerful once and for all. The easiest way to self-diagnose is to look into the patterns that show up in your life to change that story.

Here is a list of beliefs/affirmations that attract the opposite of what you want:

  • Men are cheaters/ Women are so dramatic
  • Relationships are too complicated
  • Love doesn’t exist
  • Nothing works out for me/I never get what I want
  • Trust no one/People always leave
  • No one cares about me
  • I’m not pretty like the other girls/unworthy/awkward
  • I never get the same amount of love/effort/respect

Remember that this is a process that requires diligence and persistence to change your habitual thinking. Resilience is seeing things that happen in your 3D world and not reacting to it, because it’s simply part of the unfolding process. It’s not about resisting how you feel, because what you resist persists. It’s about allowing your body to purge because you’re human, but at the same time, you have to separate that from your mind. Your mind is locked on your manifestations no matter what and your body cries or gets upset when it needs to. In the end, you always have the option to move on and attract someone new if that’s what you want. The power lies within you and your thoughts are your employees, you just have to train your employees better. The famous Oprah Winfrey stated that “You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe.”

So I want you to affirm today over and over again: “Absolutely Everything is Within My Reach”

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