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Easy Tips On How to Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your Vibration

Here is a simple, easy list sharing how to raise your vibration.  As you raise your vibration, you will notice that the life you desire will become easier to manifest.  Attraction is easier and stronger when your raise your vibration.

Tips on how to raise your vibration:

Spend time in natural settings such as the beach, forest, mountain, desert. By spending time in nature, positive energy will become one with your energy field.  Naturally the more time you can spend, the better.  Enjoy and appreciate every moment.

Practice meditation and prayer daily. The idea is to connect to Source, Tao, God.  Remember that Source or God is your partner in creating the world you desire.  You communicate through feelings, so the feelings are more important than the words.  Stay away from wanting or desperate feelings and focus on feelings of gratitude.

Avoid red meat unless it is grass fed. Make certain that all the food that you consume is natural and organic.  Stay away from boxed foods.

Increase basic foods basic foods such as vegetables, whole grains, fruits, green drinks, etc.raise your vibration

Play uplifting music. When you are not listening to uplifting music, listen to uplifting podcasts and audio books.

Adorn your home and workplace with plants and flowers

Be in commission to others and get in the habit of paying it forward. Do good things for other people and more will come back to you.

Live in feelings and joy. You attract by what you feel, so feel happy and joyful.

Dance and play with abandonment. Crank the music up and allow your body to move.

Place clean and clear crystals around your home and workplace.Raise Your Vibration

Practice Yoga three times a week.

Eliminate harmful speech and only speak in positive terms. Remove can’t, won’t, don’t.

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