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Do you believe that life is happening to you or do you believe that life is happening for you? (and how it affects your power to manifest)

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Did you know that our ability to manifest, our personal magnetism is directly related to the level of consciousness that we are operating from? Your thoughts, your feelings and your beliefs create your vibration that determines what you attract. If you are stuck in the lower level of consciousness like shame, guilt, fear or you are operating from victim mentality, you are living in survival emotions and you have no energy for creating and taking your life to the next level. Indeed, so many people in this world live in victim consciousness where they only look at the outside world and see most of things as negative, deliberately unfair, beyond control, happening ‘to’ them and they live in anticipation for something ‘better’ to happen because they deserve it. So how do we break this pattern and this mentality and how to do we set ourselves free and open up to a whole new world of possibilities?

Life is a swirly, rapid and vibrant river of change. Everyday life hands good just as bad things. It hands us opportunities, joy, happiness, love, beautiful moments, but it also gives difficult situations, losses, traumas, heartbreaks and challenges. There is a constant dance between the light and the dark. We can never know what tomorrow will bring. We cannot control it, but we can always choose how to respond to it.

A person who lives in a victim consciousness often feels targeted, judged, bullied, ignored, neglected, abandoned and unappreciated by others around them. They blame other people, circumstances and the world for all their pain and misery and see everything as outside themselves, they see themselves as victims that have no control whatsoever over what is happening in their lives. In doing so they give away their power.

Victims live in lack and unworthiness and separation. They spent their entire life wishing, wanting, hoping and waiting for the outside to change so that they can feel better. They never look inside of them; they do not do inner work. They feed their ego by thinking that they are right and everyone else is wrong. They constantly focus on everything and everyone else but them. They do not realize that the way you think and feel produce the effects in the outer world.

The emotions and feelings that accompany a person living in a victim mentality are those of lack, need, jealousy, unfairness, helplessness, anger, hatred, complaining, comparing, feeling treated less than you deserve. What can this mentality, thoughts and feelings manifest and create? Only more of all of that. Because that is the vibration that you send out and the law of attraction will draw back to you people, lessons, experiences and situations that will only reinforce it because that is how it works.

So where to start in order to break this toxic way of being and living? The first thing that you will need to do is to take your personal power back. And you will do so by taking responsibility for everything in your life and stop putting that responsibility on others. To understand and accept that You and only You are responsible for your journey, your healing, your actions, your mistakes, your behavior (no more ‘he did this to me’, ‘she said that to me’ etc.) and most importantly your thoughts and feelings.

You will have to take time and do the work in order to heal: you will need to see and reflect on how and why did you get stuck in this mentality, if you had something happen in your childhood that could have contributed to that, realize that even if you were a victim in your past especially as a child, you no longer are a victim because unless you are kidnapped or live in a country that is at war, no one can abuse you, use you or take advantage of you without your permission. You will have to challenge your limiting beliefs.

You will take even more of your power back when you will start consciously choosing how to respond to a situation, circumstances and events that are beyond your control. You can always choose to respond rather than react to whatever it is. You can always choose to focus on the good rather than the bad in any given situation. You can train your mind to always find something positive in every situation because there always is something good and bigger than you might see at the first glance.

And last but definitely not least, on the contrary – most importantly, you will have to understand that life never happens to you, it always happens for you. You are a co-creator of your life; you are not just a mere spectator. But when you say that somebody or something out there is controlling the way that you are feeling and thinking you are giving away your power as a co-creator. You are waiting for something outside of you to happen and change inside of you, change the way you feel. That is how you become a victim. But that is not how the Universe works – all the creation, all the manifestations start inside of you and then they are reflected outside of you. That is how you become a co-creator and take your manifesting power back. You no longer wish, wait and hope, you no longer observe for things to happen to you, but you boldly open your heart and mind and start creating the most beautiful and compelling life that you have always dreamed about.

If you want to change the level of consciousness that you are operating from, you will need to draw your inner power and use it to heal and grow. You will need to go inside of you and take responsibility for your life. You will need to change and accept that life is happening for you but not to you. That the Universe through universal laws of energy and vibration will keep you stuck at this level and keep sending you more of it unless you change, grow and raise your vibration. And when that happens all that all you need to do is sit back and watch the miracles pour into your life.

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