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Destroy Negative Thoughts & Attract Your Desires

destroy negative thoughts

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Negative thought patterns have the power to viciously attack your dreams and goals. All of us have some level of negative thoughts. You must train yourself to destroy negative thoughts. Our brain was constructed in such a way as to provide an inner Devil’s Advocate so to speak. This likely developed in our brain over thousands of years as a way of self-preservation and protection.

It is a good idea to have a portion of your brain argue with you when you decide to fight a Sabre Tooth Tiger bare handed. In this case I doubt anyone would call the Devil’s Advocate a negative thought. In reality however, it is a negative thought to the idea or goal of killing a Sabre Tooth Tiger bare handed. Please note, that in this case the Devil’s Advocate in the mind acts as a protector. This is not always the case with the Devil’s Advocate it usually causes situations where you must take action to destroy negative thoughts.

However, while this portion of our cognitive process is important and seeks to talk us out of fighting a Sabre Tooth Tiger barehanded or even trying to fly off a sky scraper with feathers glued to our arms, The Devil’s Advocate within our mind acts as a hindrance to the development of a positive mindset. You must destroy negative thoughts and have a positive mindset to effectively invoke the Law of Attraction. That’s why it’s called the Devil’s Advocate in our thinking process.

Here is a simple example, say you want to start a new company but you currently don’t have the money. You set an intention to raise the money. You begin doing positive affirmations and visualizations. You set goals and take action but something in the back of your mind is negative. It is telling you that you will fail, and that you are wasting your time. The Devil’s Advocate in your mind is trying to convince you that you lack the necessary skills and the Law of Attraction is just wishful thinking. You must notice this and take action to destroy negative thoughts.

Suffice it to say with this kind of negative thinking pattern of self-defeat and doubt you are likely to attract what you do not want, rather than what you desire. Remember, the Law of Attraction is always working. What you attract is based on your thoughts and feelings so you must destroy negative thoughts.

Your negative thoughts may express themselves in different ways. You might hear a voice in your head say that you are stupid for opening a business or you might have a negative picture in your mind. Then again, you could simply have negative feelings about owning your own company. Take a moment or two and try to decide what method of communication your own Devil’s Advocate is using to keep you confused and in a state of fear and doubt. Now that you have identified what in N.L.P is called the sub modality, you are ready to proceed to take action to destroy negative thoughts. Remember as you think, so you attract. The Law of Attraction works on and with your thoughts. It is therefore essential that you quiet your Devil’s Advocate when it comes to attracting your desires and goals.

Step One: Let’s say for example that you have a thought going through your head that you are an idiot for going into business for yourself. Take this picture and make it crazy. See yourself with a giant hat, that says “Dunce” on it. Visualize yourself dancing or jumping around. See all kinds of people around you looking at you as you keep shoveling cash into your pockets. Make the image colorful, bright and funny. Maybe you are a snowman or a clown. The more ridiculous you make the image in your mind, the better. The idea is that when the fear of being an idiot comes into your mind, so does this crazy picture. You can even add some music or scent if you want to give it more energy. In this way you destroy negative thoughts.

Step Two: In this step, perform a simple inversion picture and affirmation. This step is critical as you destroy negative thoughts. This method is used in Law of Attraction coaching to flip the Devil’s Advocate on his ass, judo style. Up till now you have been calling yourself an idiot for wanting to own your own business. You have recreated a new and hilarious picture of you as an idiot. Now, you are going to invert the idiot into the a genius. As you see a genius in the crazy picture from step one instead of an idiot, affirm to yourself “I am a genius.” You could even make your affirmation grow by saying, “I am a successful money making Genius.”

Step Three: Do the same thing to step two that you did to step one, maximize the picture of the genius. See yourself with millions of dollars. See yourself as taller, smarter, and more brilliant. Make the picture bright and vivid. Give it motion. Visualize yourself driving your new $100,000 car! Feel how good it is to fly first class or better yet on your own plane. Engage all your senses in your visualization to destroy negative thoughts of being an idiot.

Step Four: Mentally integrate the picture from step one with the picture from step three. So in this case you may have a dunce hat on made of gold, with a new car, while everyone around you is telling you how stupid you are for opening your own business. See yourself waving goodbye to them as you board your own plane to fly off to an exotic vacation. Notice how the negative thoughts and words have no power over you in the presence of your new thoughts and pictures. You have given the Devil’s advocate a knock out blow. Your mind is now acting as an attraction magnet. You are co-creating and making the Law of Attraction work for you as you destroy negative thoughts.

Step Five: Repeat this entire process several times. Do it 10 times in a row. The next day do it another 10 times. After a few days it will seem like a waste of time because every time the negative thoughts comes to mind, the positive thoughts are also brought up to ensure that you destroy negative thoughts.

Now you are in control of your mind and you have the ability to deal with negative self talk in a powerful and effective way. You can destroy negative thoughts. If this article helps you, share it with others on Facebook. Send us a letter and share your experience. Expect good things and remember to pay it forward.

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