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Create your Soul Mission Statement to Manifest!

In business, we have brands that create mission statements to help their stakeholders, like employees and customers understand their vision and purpose.

When applying to universities, we are required to write our ‘statement of purpose’ which helps the admissions department connect with our heart and soul and convince them why we would ‘fit in’ in their campus.

And in life, we are constantly asked to showcase our ‘why’ – why should you be chosen for that job or by that person, why should others listen to you, why should people form relationships with you and the likes.

And this is why your own Soul Mission Statement is so important, less for others and more for us. It is our personal statement as to what our mission and purpose is for this lifetime. It is the WHY we are here and WHAT is our purpose? And this doesn’t come from the conscious mind…this comes from your subconscious – your soul. 

How to Write a Powerful Mission Statement | Kinesis

It is what motivates you and drives you towards achieving your goals. It should define your fundamental purpose, philosophy and your core values. It is what keeps you on the right track as you are navigating through life. It is that inner compass that guides you to make the right decisions, for you.

It is important to understand the difference between a vision and mission. In Marketing expert Jamie Falkowski’s words, “A vision is an aspiration. A mission is actionable.”

So here are the steps that can help you get clear on your soul mission statement that is actionable and can help you manifest everything you desire:

Close your eyes…breathe deeply for a few moments…get into a nice meditative state…tapping into your intuition and soul…and then ask yourself :

  • What do you want to do? List down 5-6 verbs that inspire or excite you
  • Why are you here on this planet? What is calling out to you? What is your life all about?
  • Who are the people you genuinely want to help or inspire?
  • What value will you be able to add? What is the end result? Keep in mind your end goal here.
  • Combine all of the above into short, crisp, to-the-point sentences that inspire you towards action.

After you have your mission statement, don’t forget to periodically visit the statement and ask yourself if you are in alignment with it.

Once you have your soul mission statement, you will suddenly feel like your magnetic power from within has gone up ten fold, that you are able to attract much easier and more effortlessly. Suddenly everything you desire will start flowing into your life, versus you having to chase it.

Remember that it is common for most of us to struggle to identify our ‘why’ for life and put it into words, but it is a MUST to let it act as that guiding light for all that we are and desire to do.

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