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Create A Love Affair With Abundance

love affair with abundance

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In this article, I intend to share some important reasons why it is beneficial to create a love affair with abundance and prosperity. Before we can talk about a love affair with wealth, we must talk about one of the primary factors that help to provide abundance, and that is money.

Money is nothing more than a magical symbol of energy. Money in and by itself is nearly useless, however, the power of money is precious.

Money means you are going to eat tonight. A love affair with abundance means you will eat well. Money means you can have a place to live, and transportation. A love affair with wealth means you can own a beautiful home with a new car. Abundance means you can buy your children beautiful clothing and so much more. Money is leverage. Abundance is when you have leveraged your money to the maximum. Money provides the ability to create a life of prosperity and abundance. Money is good.

Naturally there are other factors too, such as generosity, and a belief system filled with wonder, magic and the knowledge that no matter what you are not alone. You are in a powerful and timeless relationship with Spirit, God, the Universe. When you have this as your base belief system, you are already abundant.

The following is four ways you can create a love affair with abundance and the energy of money and prosperity. Feel free to write me if you think of anything else.

  1. Develop a clear definition of what abundance means to you.
    Once you have a clear defined understanding of exactly what abundance feels like, tastes like, smells like, and looks like, your energy field will know exactly how to manifest more of it. You will know how to begin attracting more abundance and prosperity into your life whether you have a dollar or a million dollars. Remember, money is a big part of wealth, but it is not the totality of abundance.
  2. Unleash your affair with abundance
    There are tons of ways to attract money into your life. Money is all over the place and is easy to make. The key is to become creative and think outside of the box. When you think like everyone else, you get what everyone else gets. Have fun with your ideas, some of them have the ability to make you a ton of money. Then once the money begins to flow, think about abundance and what it looks like and feels like and move your life in that direction.
  3. Invoke the power of love & gratitude.
    When you release your passion and secret love for what you are doing and the very fact that you can do it, you will be amazed that fear and doubt melt like butter on a hot summer day. Fill you mind with love and gratitude for all the abundance you do have and expect to enjoy more. Remember, with the Law of Attraction, “Likes Attract Like.” So when you are vibrating at a level of love gratitude, you will indeed receive more good things and experience to fill with even more gratitude.
  4. Celebrate Abundance in your life, and those of others.
    Make it a habit of celebrating abundance in your life no matter how big or small and in the lives of others. When you read that something good and prosperous has happened to someone else, get it excited, it is a sign that good things are happening to you too. And when you have experience abundance and prosperity get in the habit of celebrating, if even to buy yourself an ice cream cone. Enjoy your life, celebrate it with a wonder and a love affair with abundance.

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