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Counter Intentions, Self Sabotage & The Law Of Attraction

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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Are you getting some of what you desire, but always feeling like you are coming up short ?

Do you feel that the Law of Attraction is a hit and miss thing and does not always work?

Is there energy in your life that seem to run counter to your conscious intentions?

If you answered yes to anyone of the above questions then likely you self sabotage yourself and have counter intentions that are blocking you from manifesting what you want. These counter intentions are insidious in that you are often not aware of their existence until it is too late.

Have you ever made a resolution, or decided you were going to do something only to run into resistance? Again, if you answered yes, you are engaged in self sabotage and your dreams are filled with counter intentions. The key is to become clear with who you are and what you want. Equally important is to work with aMiracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coach to remove all your mental, emotional and energy blocks that keep positive attraction energy working for you, not against you.

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Here is what happens. People that want to manifest something begin by setting an intention. The intention can be simple or complex. Then they begin by taking some form of action to manifest their intention. For example, a person who wants to lose weight and get in shape will often join a gym and change their eating habits. Then something happens. 90 days later that person has lost the directions to the gym and refers to thick crust pizza as a health food. What happened? The answer is simple, self sabotage through a counter intention.

These counter intentions are created through a number of ways but generally find root in fears, doubts, temporary discomfort and most importantly beliefs. Unless the problem is addressed on a holistic energetic level, the problem will continue. Many systems such as E.F.T. provide temporary relief from counter intentions, but only a holistic plan that includes several method proves to be effective for both the short and long run.

You can begin clearing yourself by facing your fears and working through them. Clearing also takes place by challenging some of your long held beliefs. Using these two methods alone will prove extremely effective. So how do you apply these methods to your situation and life? You start here by asking yourself some questions that will both help you challenge outdated beliefs and fears.

1.  Is this belief true?

Many people believe that they cannot make money doing spiritual things. This is a belief, it is not reality. Yet many people limit their income because they believe that it is the spiritual thing to do. Some people feel so bad about making money and enjoying it that they end up choosing earning income while give up spiritual activities like going to church OR exist in poverty while continue spiritual activities! This belief is one example of a counter intention and self sabotage. Yet, the belief is not based in reality. You CAN have both. Most of us have all kinds of similar beliefs which we allow to limit our true desires. Do you believe you are too old, too fat, too skinny, too young, too stupid, too qualified to create the life you want? These are limiting beliefs. Unless you change them, you will still live in a world of counter intentions and self sabotage. Challenge your beliefs!

2.  Who or what could I be without this belief?

Just take a short vacation from your beliefs. 20 minutes will do just fine. Now ask yourself the above question and visualize your outcome. You will be amazed at what your life looks like and feels like without your limiting belief and the counter intentions that go with them. Embrace the new mind set!

3.  Choose a new belief to take its place.

You might find that need to kick out the old belief or you might find that you a slight variation works better. Next, do research on your new belief. Go on Bing or Google and type it in and read the benefits or positives on adopting your new belief. I had a friend who did that with money. He was a devoted Christian who has subconsciously taken a vow of poverty. He believed that one had to be poor to be spiritual. Once he changed his belief and realized that it was okay to make money, lots of money, and that making money had little to do with his spirituality. Changing his belief made him like a new man. A year later he was making a ton of money, had a new car, new home and giving piles of cash to his church and favorite charities. He changed his beliefs and along with the change the elimination of the counter intentions. Change is good!

Not all counter intentions are so easy to remove. Some are trapped in the sub-conscious mind, others are trapped in our fears, and still others are trapped within our neuro-muscular armoring of the body including our aura and energy field. Through in-depth Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching we can help you remove your blocks and counter intentions. All most everyone who achieves anything has a mentor, and now you can too. It is easy, exciting and affordable. For more information on removing blocks and counter intentions see my other articles, as well as, the resources below.

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