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Chunking: General & Specific Patterns To Maximize Your Personal Vision


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Do you want a new career? Do you want to improve your relationships? Do you seek to attract more income? These are all common personal desires that most people share in today’s society. So what tool can you use to see your vision manifest in reality? The answer is: CHUNKING!

Chunking is broken into two primary patterns that people use on a regular basis to help them be more effective in manifesting personal vision. They are general and specific patterns of thought. If you are a person that typically uses general patterns of thought, you like to look at the big picture first. You figure out the details later. In other words, you see the ocean, then you see a fish, then you call it a salmon. This is chunking downwards. If you are a person that typically uses specific patterns of thought, you like to have all the details first. With the details you than figure out the big picture. In other words, you have identified the salmon, you see that it is a fish, then acknowledge the habitat of ocean. This is chunking upwards. Understanding these patterns can empower your life on a quantum level.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of general thoughts or “chunking downwards”:

1.   The president of a large company may view the future of his company from a crow’s nest position. In other words, he or she has a vision, and while aspects of the vision may seem very specific, the president of the company is using a wide angle lens to view a general or large picture of the future. The president will probably take this information, or wide angle vision, and share it with the board of directors. Once the board of the directors has bought into the vision, the president begins to lay the plan. Goals, outcomes and time tables are set. The right people are hired, specific machinery is built and the process keeps funneling downward until the smallest detail is in place.

2.   The former president of the United States in the early 60’s had a vision of America putting a man on the moon within a decade. Many people doubted this vision, but he synergized with the right people who took hold of the vision and made it a reality. This is a powerful example of how “chunking downwards” can be extremely effective. Obviously, Kennedy did not know all the details necessary in putting a man on the moon. As a matter of fact, the science of that time didn’t even have the answer,
but Kennedy had a wide angled vision. After finding the right scientists and companies to help develop his dream, the dream moved into the planning stages. The rest is history; before the end of the decade in 1969, Neil Armstrong set his foot on the moon.

Let’s take a look at an example of specific thoughts or “chunking upwards“:

1.   Here, a narrow angle lens is used.  A detective who may not know the motive of a crime, but does know the outcome and is aware of very specific clues. The detective looks for details, little “chunks” of information, and after some time, much like putting a giant jigsaw puzzle together, a wide angle picture begins to take form. If the detective solves the mystery, he or she has successfully “chunked upwards.”

Some of us are naturally inclined to “chunk downwards” while others of us are more likely to “chunk upwards”. Some of see a vision, while others see the specific details that make the vision possible. It is important to know which type of person you are. If you are working with others to manifest your vision is it vital that you know which type of people you are working with. You want to be sure you are not overloading a general thinker with all the details. You also want to be careful not to leave a specific thinker with only the big picture.

This provides us a challenge. If your natural inclination is to chunk upward, you might want to continue to do so until you develop a wide angle vision of our future, and then begin the process of chunking downwards. If your natural inclination is to chunk downwards, you want to continue to do so until you develop the details, and then begin the process of chunking upwards. General and specific thought go hand in hand. Chunking upwards will always lead you to chunking downwards and chunking downward will always lead you to chunking upwards. In the process of maximizing your personal vision you will chunk up and down multiple times.

The key is found in identifying how you chunk so you know you what action to take. Action will maximize your personal vision. We have all know people that are full of ideas that never manifest. They are general thinkers that never chunk downwards. I am also sure you know people that have all the details on how to create an idea but they never manifest the vision. These are specific thinkers that never chunk upwards. Are you stuck in the vision or the details? It is time to start taking action chunking. It is time to maximize your personal vision.

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