3 Secrets To Manifesting Financial Abundance Using The Law Of Attraction

Love has many forms, and so does abundance. Financial abundance is just one of them yet being prosperous is important: it gives you the freedom to live your life the way you desire. A lot of people have this false belief that “there is not enough for everybody”. However, there is no ceiling, no limits to the […]


Toxic relationships are something everybody fears a lot. No one wants to be in a toxic relationship but we might end up in one. People have patterns where they continuously attract a toxic relationship, toxic partners.” Our relationship is becoming toxic but we just cannot find a way to leave each other” “we are toxic […]

Law Of Attraction: How Successful Entrepreneurs Use LOA To Succeed.

Whether or not you believe in the law of attraction is irrelevant. Keep an open mind, set aside all preconceptions, and withhold judgment for the moment. There is rarely any harm in considering a concept that has shown to be successful in the past. In discovering the truth behind their experiences or the unexplainable magic […]


We have so many relationships in our life that we care about. Every bond in our life has a label. My friend, my partner, my family, my college mate, school mate, colleagues and so on but the most hyped and discussed relationship is the romantic relationship. People often feel romantic relationships to be more complex, […]

How To Make The Law Of Assumption Work For You

There are 100 billion galaxies,8 known planets and 9 generally accepted dwarf planets and so much more in the universe that we don’t know about. The Milky way is JUST one of the galaxies, the earth is just one of the planets where we exist. There is so much more to be discovered, so much […]

Loneliness is an Illusion

There has never been a time when you were truly alone, no matter how ‘lonely’ you felt at that point – Sheena Shah We are all evolving into true multidimensional beings, and there are definitely times when we are feeling empty, disconnected, and even rejected or abandoned. This can usually mean we are about to […]

5 things that you need to give up in order to change your vibration

You came to this world as a spark of love and light. Purest energy. Highest vibration. An extended part of source energy. And then life happened. You took on layers of doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, and whims of your EGO. And You forgot…You forgot about the fire that you carry inside of you. You forgot […]

Invite amazing things to your life with the power of G R A T I T U D E

You have surely heard about the numerous benefits of practicing gratitude: it helps you to improve your health, build strong relationships, feel more positive emotions and deal with adversity to name just a few. But did you know that gratitude is the most powerful tool when manifesting whatever it is that you desire in your […]