Save Your Marriage With The Law of Attraction

save marriage

Marriage is a sacred union that is meant to last a lifetime. However, the harsh reality is that not all marriages are meant to stand the test of time. In fact, many couples find themselves on the brink of divorce at some point in their lives. If you’re one of these couples, you may be […]

Four Ways To Make Space For New<br>Love

Make Space For New Love

There is nothing more powerful, more beautiful, and more transformative than LOVE. True love is unconditional, humble, and enlightening. It gives meaning to our life and helps us to open our heart in the ways we never knew it was possible. Loving relationships make our lives soar high and bring sense of immense joy and […]

How To Manifest A Perfect Relationship

My heartfelt wish for every one of You, my dear reader, is that you were in a loving and fulfilled relationship. But if you are reading these lines, chances are that some things are missing in your relationship, for some of you – even the person and the relationship itself.  As a manifestor and a […]

What to avoid when you want to SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP

If you are like most people, you are likely to make two serious mistakes when it comes to saving your relationship. After a break-up, people often respond by sending tons of flowers, music, constant texting, phone calls and all the others insincere or desperate actions. These actions have little if any effect of revitalizing the […]

Visualization to Manifest, Simplified

I am sure you have heard how visualization is ‘key’ to attain success with Law of Attraction (LoA). We all have heard something on the line of – you have to visualize your desire to attract your desire but what no one speaks about is that visualization for manifesting success needs to done correctly and […]

10 Simple & Miraculous Ways to Manifest all your Desires

Whether you believe it or not, you are a powerful co-creator of your own Universe. You are absolutely capable of manifesting your dreams, goals and desires by choosing the beliefs, thoughts, feelings and inspired action to support that vision. To help streamline the process and fasten your manifestations, I am listing down 10 simple, easy-to-do […]

The power of three secret words to change your life

Je t’aime, ti amo, ich liebe dich, te quiero, se agapo…That is how I love you sounds in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Greek. Different languages but they all denote the same: the most pure and beautiful feeling in this Universe called LOVE. Ancient Greek philosophers identified five forms of love: familial love (storge in […]

5 Things to Give Up To Fasten Your Manifestations

The first question I usually get when working with a client is- tell me a quick, fast way to manifest. But here is the truth there is no magic wand, there is no quick spell or mantra to instantly bring alive all your desires. Manifesting is not some woo-woo term, or black magic or something […]

Manifesting A Relationship: How To Become the Vibration of Love

rachael zink

Manifesting A Relationship: How To Become the Vibration of Love Are you tired of trying so hard to manifest a loving relationship or a specific person? Are you getting fed up and constantly find yourself comparing your love life to all the happy couples around you? Do you question if the Universe heard your desires […]


The first question you should be clear about, before even desiring a soulmate is – Why do you want to manifest your soulmate? Is it because that person will help you feel whole and complete? Is it because you just want to be and feel loved? Or is it because you feel lonely and incomplete? […]