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Calculated Risk for Attracting More

calculated risk

Calculated risks are required when invoking or manipulating the Law of Attraction in your favor, to optimize an increase in pay, maximize your health, or attract the opposite sex. Without calculated risks, how can the Law of Attraction work within its defined parameters as a law. For example, faith without works is dead. Work is a prerequisite to achieve effective results. One does not simply sit back and say, “I’m going to be president or a doctor,” without calculating the risk of all the training hours. Although you may hit the lottery with the purchase of one ticket, what are the calculations of that being the case? Even so, without the purchase, there would be no potential for benefit. No calculated risk, no Law of Attraction reward.

[box] Act Now on the Calculated Risk[/box]

As you act now on the calculated risk, you recognize your goals and how to pursue them. This is engaging in the Law of Attraction. As you take action on your calculated risk, it may seem to be overwhelming. Breathe… Acknowledge the present and what you can accomplish today in benefit for tomorrow, while reaping the fruits of the day. I often think of the ‘ole tale of the ant and the grasshopper. The grasshopper’s attitude remained fresh and present, while the ant lived for tomorrow, never truly experiencing the present. The grasshopper’s life, though full, was short due to inconsistent planning and UN-calculated risks. Whereas, the ant only planned and planned, never stopping to smell the roses. One day the ant’s persistence in his accumulation benefited the longevity of his life. The ant was able to spend the barren winter season with his reservation of energy. Neither the grasshopper or the ant dwells on the past or fantasizes about the future, though both seek results which differ. If success be rooted in failures, then certainly it is not bound by them. I agree, personal history is important, but the failures of the past should be left in the past, while focusing on the potential successes of the present and future. Live by taking action on your calculated risk.

If you are not taking action on your calculated risk, what is being attracted into your life? Are you attracting more of the same old same old …the same old job, the same old relationship, the same old argument, the same old attitude? Are you using calculated risk to invoke change, the kind of change which brings increase …increase in finances, increase in commitment, in love? Increase life with calculated risk!

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