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Sheena Shah

Loneliness is an Illusion

There has never been a time when you were truly alone, no matter how ‘lonely’ you felt at that point – Sheena Shah We are

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Personal Power
Geraldine Convento

5 Ways to Get What You Want

I believe that consistency is a key to overcome a lot of problems in our lives. Consistency means to take action. Action isn’t just about

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Personal Power
Geraldine Convento

Why We Feel Bad?

Think of a time when you experienced guilt, shame, failure, or rejection. Whether it was due to another person’s judgment or your own, how did

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LOA Secrets & Science
Agne Lecocq

Manifesting Miracles with Water

Water is one of the key elements of life and without it life itself would be impossible. All living organisms are composed mostly of water,

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