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Better Sex and More Sex with the Law of Attraction

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There is hot, sweaty, steamy, sex all over the place. You can find it almost everywhere….except your own bedroom. So if you are not getting the sex you need or the quality of sex you crave, then may I suggest you throw away the “how to articles”. If you want better sex and more sex it is time to get serious about applying the Law of Attraction to one of the most important and satisfying areas of your life.

I am often amazed at the number of clients who have attracted a new job, or car, or started a business using the Law of Attraction but have completely overlooked attracting sex. The fact is that you can and should use the Law of Attraction to attract happier sex, better sex and more sex.

From my perspective, it is not just about quantity or more sex, it is about quality or better sex. I always wanted to be with a partner that enjoyed sex and lots of it, and was loving, open and willing to enjoy new things. I have that in my life because of using the Law of Attraction for better sex and more sex. The Law of Attraction has proven to be a powerful tool in helping me attract the sex I need and crave. The Law of Attraction will help you attract better sex and more sex too. Follow the tips I am about to share with you so you remain loose and easy going about attracting better sex and more sex.

The first thing you need to do is get your mind to act as a sex magnet. This means no more focusing on the sex you don’t have or the sex you wish you had or the sex you almost had. Remember, thoughts attract things. These thoughts are anti-magnetic to attracting a hot partner you can have better sex and more sex with.

The second this is NEVER, EVER talk about how bad your sex life is. This will only attract more of the same. Remember, likes attract likes. If you have nothing positive to say about your sex life, try something more ambiguous in conversations. Simply say, “My sex life is like area 51. I can’t even claim it exists, but we know it does, or does it?”

The third big secret is remind yourself while you are having sex that you are going to have better sex and more sex. So what do you do if you don’t have a partner. Become your own best friend. Masturbation is a powerful way to raise high vibrational energy in large amounts and focuses it on a target. The target is YOU. As you are masturbating you need to be saying over and over again, “I am a magnet for better sex and more sex. I attract sex.” or something like this. Say this as you rise to climax and right through the orgasm. This is a powerful technique to raise your sexual vibration while you are single or married for 10 years or more. You will soon be SHOCKED at how many people want to have sex with you. Your magnetic energy field will radiate sexual magnetism.

Don’t wait any longer. Get started today having better sex and more sex with the Law of Attraction. This article should more that get you fired up and your engine roaring. If you desire more information on the Law of Attraction and how to attract better and more sex, visit the link below. Through Miracle Mentoring I can your energy field to attract better sex and more sex.

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