What Is Intuition And Ways to Tap Into It

Have you ever had a feeling that something is off with a person, place or situation? Have you ever had an inexplainable but compelling feeling that you should act in a certain way? Have you ever had a dream that showed you an answer to a problem, that warned you about something or offered a […]

5 things that you need to give up in order to change your vibration

You came to this world as a spark of love and light. Purest energy. Highest vibration. An extended part of source energy. And then life happened. You took on layers of doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, and whims of your EGO. And You forgot…You forgot about the fire that you carry inside of you. You forgot […]

Invite amazing things to your life with the power of G R A T I T U D E

You have surely heard about the numerous benefits of practicing gratitude: it helps you to improve your health, build strong relationships, feel more positive emotions and deal with adversity to name just a few. But did you know that gratitude is the most powerful tool when manifesting whatever it is that you desire in your […]

The traps to manifesting your desire. Why do we fail?

Law of attraction is such a beautiful and powerful force that has the ability to transform our lives in the most magic way. Many of us have used it without being conscious about it, yet many more set out to attract, manifest and change their lives intentionally. It is simple – like attracts like, and […]

The power of three secret words to change your life

Je t’aime, ti amo, ich liebe dich, te quiero, se agapo…That is how I love you sounds in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Greek. Different languages but they all denote the same: the most pure and beautiful feeling in this Universe called LOVE. Ancient Greek philosophers identified five forms of love: familial love (storge in […]

6 Signs that the Universe is trying to tell YOU something

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are talking to the Universe all the time. You communicate with it through your thoughts, feelings and prayers. Sometimes you may voice them, but it is your vibrations and your feelings that carry the message. Universe then responds to You. It supports You, it guides You, […]

How do you let go?

Universe works in mysterious and beautiful ways. Every time you are manifesting something, it taps into its infinite resources and infinite intelligence to deliver you whatever it is that you desire. So, you set your intention, you did the work and now it is time to let go and let the Universe take over. But […]

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