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Attracting Your Soul Mate with the Law of Attraction

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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Everyone wants to attract the love of their life. The first place to begin, is to ask yourself why you want to attract your Soul Mate into your life. Understand that it is very easy and possible to attract your soul mate into your life with the Law of Attraction. However, if it is strictly out of loneliness, then that is not reason enough. Your soul mate according the Kabbalah is literally a part of you. You were created together in the hall of souls in the very beginning. You have a unique connection so therefore attracting your soul mate with the Law of Attraction is natural and honest.

The Kabbalist always see things in perfect harmony so, if you’re a man, your soul mate will be a woman and vice versa. It works this way because in Kabbalah everything in the universe is either masculine or feminine. Even if you are are in a homosexual relationship there is still one partner that holds the female energy and one that holds the male energy. A soul mate always creates balance.

In recent times with the invention of advanced mathematics and the computer all programs, language’s, and yes-even Facebook are ultimately reduced to 1’s and 0’s. This is what is called the Binary. So, the idea of attracting your soul mate is so that the two of you can create something that by yourself you cannot create, alone. If you are a 1, you cannot give expression to anything but the 1. It is only through variation of the 0 that you can truly express yourself and vice versa. Creating something timeless and beyond anything you could do by yourself is one very special reason for attracting your soul mate with the Law of Attraction.

[box] Your first intention should be to attract your soul mate because alone you cannot sing your song. It is only together that you can do something much bigger than you could have never done alone.[/box]

The next step is to become a fitting container for your soul mate. A spaghetti colander is not a fitting container to store water. You must become the perfect container of energy to attract and store the energy that is your soul mate. The Law of Attraction is always working and it will work to attract your soul mate if you are the perfect container.

Do you have empowering thoughts? Do you take care of your body? Are your emotions clear of past relationships and all the pain? These are vital steps necessary in attracting true love and your soul mate into your life through the Law of the Law of Attraction.

Finally, take action. Eliminate all the people that are pulling on your energy and begin to visualize yourself with the ONE. If you know who she or he is, then visualize that person. See the two of you together doing wonderful things together. Begin to feel the two of you together. Then just let it happen naturally. Let it flow. It will happen. You will have the love you crave and your soul mate through the Law of Attraction.

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