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Attract Your Soul Mate with the Law of Attraction

soulmate law of attraction

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

You can attract your soul mate with the Law of Attraction.  You can attract the love of your life into your world for a loving, lasting relationship through the power of the Law of Attraction.  Love is all over the place. Love is in every breath you take. Love is within you, around you and is your connecting like to the rest of the world. You were born to love. You are here to create, to live, to experience joy, and to love. Most of all love.  When it comes to love, you have no boundaries and no limits. You deserve all the love you desire; especially the love of your soul mate.

Sadly most people do not even know what they want when it comes to love. They only know they don’t want to be alone. Even sadder is the fact that many people bounce from one relationship to another looking for that special someone, yet they keep looking in the wrong place. They are trying to find their soul mate instead of attracting their soul mate with the help of the Universe through the Law of Attraction. The result is that they manage to attract the same kind of person over and over again.

soul mateLove is not complicated. You may have convinced yourself that love is difficult to have, rare, and something to seek out at all costs. The truth is that love is near, it is easy, and your soul mate is closer than you realize. Love, joy, and happiness are plentiful.

The Law of Attraction states that what we believe about anything is what we are likely to attract. Notice the word “believe.” Most people confuse beliefs with thoughts. We all are subject to various kinds of ideas. Many of them are positive, some are hopeful, and others are negative. We need to travel back to what precedes the thoughts we think if we are going to change our beliefs to become magnets of attraction. The key is to uncover our beliefs about love, about men, about women, and relationships. Don’t give up; you can have the love you crave and the soul mate you dream of. The following will help you on your journey.

  1. Live your life as if you were in love.   Even if you’re currently not in a relationship, go about your life filled with love, joy, and passion. Remember, the Law of Attraction matches not what you want, but who you are. Some of the ways you can live as if you were in love are to buy some flowers, dress up special, purchase a small gift for yourself, and watch a movie about love such as “Sleepless in Seattle.” When you enjoy your life as if you were falling deep in love with your soul mate before you know it you will have attracted the perfect partner. You attract what you are, not what you want. So be a person falling in love.
  2. Create a love talisman to carry with you everywhere. A love talisman could be a unique necklace, or ring, or even a small bag of herbs and stones. It could be a little card or a picture. Make the object sacred in your heart. Every time you see this object, recite your love affirmation. Remember how nice it is to be in love and be attracting your soul mate into your life.
  3. Be ready to attract the love of your life. When I speak about the need to be ready, I am talking about removing physical obstacles. I know one man who finally shaved his beard and within a week, he met his future wife. I know another woman who lost 50 pounds and shortly after that discovered her soul mate. We all have areas we can improve on. Maybe you drink a bit too much, or perhaps you have not emotionally moved out of your old relationship. Whatever the physical block is, take action steps to remove the block or modify your behavior. Be ready for love.
  4. Have a clear vision of your soul mate or the love of your life. Focus less on physical qualities and more on emotional qualities of your lover. I am not saying that you should ignore physical conditions, but it is the emotional qualities that count in a long term relationship or marriage. Write out these conditions and create them into affirmation. EXAMPLE: “My lover always treats me as if I were the most important person in the world.”   Also, make a list of deal breakers. For example, you might go on a date but if your date pulls out a cigarette that is the last date. A list of deal breakers allows you to eliminate someone you find attractive before it gets too involved.
  5. Practice a simple Law of Attraction love manifestation ritual. Here is all you do. Get a red candle and rub some rose or amber oil onto the candle. If the candle is in a glass jar, rub the oil around the wick. Next, light the candle and say, “As I light this candle the flame of my true love comes to me and I to him/her.”  Let the candle burn as you feel the energy of love in you, around you and connecting with the person you love. Enjoy the moment. Repeat this simple manifestation ritual daily. (Click here to watch this ritual in action.)
  6. Get out and socialize. Join a meetup group. Go places. I also am not a big fan of on-line dating. You reduce people to becoming a product for sale when you engage in on-line dating. However, if you must use on-line dating, always keep in mind your deal breakers.

You can and will have the love you crave and attract your soul mate. Share your love story here. I would like to read it. Also, your comments are always welcome. For information on Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching and to Claim Your FREE 30 minutes, visit

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If this article has helped you leave a comment and follow us on Instagram @lawofattractionsolutions. To get started transforming your life with a Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Success program CLICK HERE.

2 Responses

  1. I like that these are practical ways to live in the “as if” state. My affirmations are already about being open and ready for love but sometimes I feel as though I’m not quite living in the “as if” state. I do dress special and I do try to put effort into my appearance. I also like to buy myself flowers and keep my apartment clean, smelling nice and warm. I work to transform my physical space into a place of calm and flow and ultimately a very safe place to live, love and be. I admit I have avoided love movies though I do find myself smiling at signs of love in the universe like when I see a couple being sweet to each other. Before I would have been frustrated and angry to see that “rubbed in my face.” Now I see it as the universe being filled with abundance and there is love for everyone. There is no shortage and I am willing to be patient while my soulmate moves closer and closer to me. I do have areas that I need to improve upon so I am working to incorporate new habits in my week such as daily meditation, daily journaling and getting to the gym at least a few times a week. I appreciate that suggestion as I want to show up to my next relationship not just physically beautiful but internally beautiful and centered.

    1. Maura–

      Good for you! Weekly goals are essential. I love to light some warm scented cozy candles before bed or use an essential oil diffuser, really relaxes my mind. Try it! I have also cut down on television, instead of binge watching Netflix, I now meditate and I listen to Robert’s audio programs. REALLY gets you into a good state of mind before bed.

      Good Luck!!

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